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Tarot Appearance vs. Reality in The Fool #2

The Land of Mystereum.

. . . where Tarot cards speak!

Tarot’s Fool

As with appearance vs reality in literature,

Is The Fool about to jump off of a cliff or fall in a chasm?

I would venture to say no.

Taking a leap of faith? Definitely!

Maybe though, . . . rather than about to jump off a cliff foolishly,

The Fool’s trust of Fool-way-fulfilling-footsteps brings . . .

the ground under each and every footstep to terra-form and support each step.

Trusting your way, all similar, each unique,

Leap faithfully YOUR WAY!

And, may new ground form under your every step

where the simple ground you walk on is as inspritational as the stars in your sky.

Leaps of faith sometimes do not require one to leave the ground.

What hidden supports are in your world?

May your faithful steps leap-lead your way

as new worlds form under your every step!

Best to You,


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Tarot Appearance vs. Reality in The Fool

So, I am a self-taught Tarot reader.  I learned Tarot by reading stories . . . the stories told visually by the cards.  That started when I was 4 1/2 — yes, four and a half.   So, I simply started reading Tarot before kindegarten.  It was natural.  It was a natural mode of the way I was born to see.  I now have a deep appreciation for that moment as a wonderfully proper resonance for a reader of any kind.   Books came much later for me.  They are a relatively recent phenomenon in my Tarot experience over the past 2 decades or so.  I learned Tarot by trusting my gut, my intellectually mindbodybeautiful connected-across-the-whole gut.  I feel we can learn not only in many ways, but that each of our ways, our personal modes of experience and expression come about by fully acting in ways only each of us can . . . by living our own, personal prescient remembrances.

The Fool

like appearance vs reality in literature

is not

about to jump

off of a cliff.

The jump as it were is a complete and encompassing thought in continual and innately trusted action.

The jump

of The Fool

is that when inherently trust-acting with the muse,

the ground terra-forms

under each and every

Fool’s step.

I have heard that going against the flow causes resistance and problems.

I know, though, that to fly, it is much easier to turn into the wind

and feel-full fill the sails of my wings.

Inherently trust-acting with your muse,

may the ground terra-form

under each and every

step you take.

May new ground terra-form under each and every step you take. . .

where the simple ground you walk on is as inspritational as the stars in your sky.

. . . may the ground terra-form under each and every Fool-step you take.

Risk is only risk until to take one.

After you take one, it is simply a step . . .

a step with the creation-make-it-happen qualities of bringing your dreams to bear.

Inherently trust-acting with your muse in YOUR way for YOUR highest good,

may The Fool bring ground to terra-form under each and every step you take.

May The Fool bring ground to form and support each and every new step you take.

May Imagin-Action support every step you take!

Imagin-Action to YOU!

Best to You,


(c) 2010 Jordan Hoggard.  All Rights Reserved

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