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The Mary-El Tarot

Jordan Hoggard:

The long-awaited “Marey-El Tarot” by Marie White is now available! Read Bonnie Cehovet’s review to whet your whist-El!

Originally posted on Bonnie Cehovet:

The Mary-El Tarot

Author: Marie White
Artist: Marie White
Schiffer Books
ISBN #978-0-7643-4061-1

I am one of the legion of people that have followed the progress of this deck from day one (that would be day one, ten years ago!). I am incredibly excited to now have it in my hands, and to be able to work with it. The cards were painted in oils, and maintain the traditional structure of the 22 Major Arcana (with traditional titles), and the four suits (Wands, Cups, Swords, and Disks), with the Court cards entitled King, Queen, Knight and Page. Justice is VIII, Strength is XI. Schiffer includes two extra cards with each deck – one card includes information about Schiffer, while the other card includes other Schiffer titles being offered. I feel very blessed that my book, “Tarot, Birth Cards, and You” was listed on this card, along with Jeanne Fiorini’s…

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Tarot: Continental Divide & Quicksand Questions

Tarot: Continental Divide & Quicksand Questions

“The pit crew doesn’t drive the race car.” ~ Jordan Hoggard

So, let’s say I perform like nobody’s business when I am racing in the rain like Ayrton Senna.  That’s a big statement if you are into F1 (Formula 1 Grand Prix Racing).  Roll with me here, though.  It’s raining enough to be just shy of a caution flag, and the race though is still going strong.  I fly into the pits, and the Pit Chief leans in and:

~ Pit Chief: “You might want to step it down out there a bit. You’ve lapped everyone at least once.”

~ Me: (I simply flex my left eyebrow face forward): “Did you drop the tire pressure like I asked out there . . . a bit?”

~ Pit Chief: “Yes-sir.”

~ Me: “Good.” (left hand palm forward up)  (car drops back down, look in right mirror, and foot to the floor VROOM, and roar back out on the track.)

What happened there?

Did I ignore my wise advisor, my Counsel, my trusted Pit Chief?  Did I miss an opportunity?  No, and no.  What I did was listen to what I was already planning.  Listened to the job I had delegated from the track for him to perform correctly as he felt fit.  There is trust in that millisecond of focused silence between a raised left eyebrow and my response.  In that millisecond my momentum was still filled up and effective.  Plans were being implemented at speed in real time, not generated for the first time.  Any longer, and we might as well have pulled out some Tiddlywinks, and had a game on the back wing. Heck, best two out of three?

Life can be like this kind of question interchange sometimes.  You can be on a teleconference, somebody you respect asks you a question, and you stop everything, and a discussion ensues.  Not simply to be polite.  Thing is, you’re on a teleconference, not talking or thinking to yourself, and you do.  Other thing is, as soon as you are off the teleconference, the teleconference was in a sense that millisecond of silent and focused listening.  Between your raised, left eyebrow and your response, the person you are speaking with may have informed you, may have simply been curious, may have enhanced your direction.  Then again, expressing, “I see quicksand”, to their question may be funny, might be rude,  . . . is probably going to be funny.  It’s your right foot about to go forward.  How does your steering tune and tailor where that foot is going to take you when you step it down?

The Hierophant.

A down-to-earth spirit?  A continual spirit coming down to the earth via a strong and established and stable, seated one?  What does that mean?  Can it mean how you handle questions?  Do you drop everything as if you HAVE to answer the question directly?  Are you simply thankful for their interest, though your response continues to drive differently your way?  Does their question, which implies interest . . .most all questions imply interest . . . stop you and give you a wonderfully pregnant pause to add to what you are doing?

The Page of Pentacles.

His Pentacle is integrating itself playfully as a delt tattoo.  The Magician, The Hierophant, and The Chariot are in his focus, filling the left eyebrow raised millisecond silence so to speak.  How do you step into Your Royal Court?  You’re a Page with The Hierophant who’s got your back supporting you who also centers up in the sky between The Mag and The Chariot.  Quite a pit crew I’d say.  But, you’re in the race, you’ve paused for a pit stop.  Quick, in a millisecond of temple-flexed eyebrow up receptivity and openness from the awareness of your momentum . . . aware of what’s good for you . . . quick, your right foot begins to move . . .

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

What’s the second?  Quick, don’t judge yourself.  Quick, being honest with yourself.  You can always “ignore it” like I did the Pit Chief earlier. Or, did I?  Are You Your Own Boss Of You!  What’s that second thing that came to mind?

Ask: Is the question like The Continental Divide or Quicksand? Either? Neither?

A Continental Divide question can be traversed, addressed in a variety of ways.  Omission is one way.  Discussion, another.  A Quicksand question can be avoided . . . if you mind your feet AND your momentum, and HOW and WHEN you respond to influences.

Feeling Your Focused Silence, Your Powerful MindBodyBeautiful Listening . . .

Filling yourself back up into your momentum with ~~ The Hierophant, The Page of Pentacles ~~ What comes together in these two cards for you?   Quick . . . and of course YOU define what fills your powerful silence.  You define”quick.”  Don’t be pushed around, forward or back or any which way.  The pit crew of your life, your support and Counsel and experience, doesn’t drive the car of your life.  And, like your gas tank, don’t let your pit crew hit “Empty.”  What comes together in these two cards for you?  Have you already instructed them from the track?  If so, how do they fit in to inform your performance?

A powerfully focused silence needn’t always last a long, meditative time.  How does your foot and that clarity in an eyebrowed millisecond help you Hierophant~Page-of-Pentacles (verb) back out onto the track of your life? . . . each time?

Jupiter’s Blessings, Jordan

Deepest Blessings and R.I.P. to You, Ayrton Senna.  Since watching you race at the 1986 Montreal Grand Prix, from the pits and from the bleachers, you have been an inspiration.  I always wondered when it was raining if you simply told people, “Keeps the tires clean . . . FASTER!” Thanks to my Uncle Chuck for THAT 3 day high school graduation present!




(c) 2012 Jordan Hoggard

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