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Mystereum Blue Moon Weekend Tarot Special!

Mystereum Blue Moon Weekend Tarot Special!
Signed Mystereum Tarot deck + book set:
~ $45 USD US orders. includes shipping
~ $55 USD International orders includes shipping

PayPal your order amount

to this weekend to get yours OR visit my  website and pay through the Donate button. Simply indicate Blue Moon Order or DECK SET or similar on your Donation, and make sure your email and address are not masked as an anonymous donation.
It’s not Amazon pricing, though theirs aren’t signed, and that’s 15 bucks off the standard premium price for a signed copy of what has been called “the most easily in depth play I have ever had that posts results every time! Mystereum really spoke to me!”

If a PayPal invoice is how you roll,

message me at and let me know where you are on the eEarth, and I will get your PayPal Invoice emailed to you promptly.

Yesterday Was Blue Moon Dyslexic Friday the 13th 31st Friday!

Have a great weekend!, and take advantage of this Blue Moon Weekend special offer!

” It’s a small world. But, I wouldn’t want to paint it. 
~ Steven Wright

“Laughter is the shortest distance between people.” ~ Victor Borge

Have a great Blue Moon weekend!






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Tarot in the Land of Mystereum is available signed by the author at

There are only four 1.5″ x 2.5″ copper Tarot Birth Card pieces of magic left at

Groc the videos at

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