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Mystereum Tarot Taster Spoons Tuesday

Mystereum Tarot Taster Spoons Tuesday

Tarot in the Land of Mystereum provides Imagination Tools, one at least from each card.  Many cards gift you several Imagination Tools after their charactered chapters in the 192-page Imagination Primer deck companion book.  These Imagination Tools have been described as:

  • Psychic triggers!  Catalysts for imaginative ideation.  These cards are really alive!
  • Mystereum card characters assist you to gain further clarity into your situation through your Tarot inquiry. They live in The Land of Mystereum, and will bring the resonance of their whole world forward to guide your inquiry.
  • Get this set!  How DID he write this and create the deck? I often drop the books into my shelves.  I want the deck!  But, I peeked into Mystereum’s Imagination Primer and got an immediate snorkel trip of discovery.  Way more than an hors d’oeuvre.  Mystereum is like full-boat scuba for the mind! I just rolled back off my boat and was immediately exploring the depths.  Mystereum is like a Psychic Passport that never expires, and the stamp’s diff every time!

So, today I drew three cards to see which Imagination Tools to feature for you as Tarot in the Land of Mystereum taster spoons.

Tarot in the Land of Mystereum taster spoons

Imagination Tool from The Knight of Pentacles  ~ “I gift you a tool to incorporate your discoveries into the fabric of your idea solar system alongside Your Chariot and Your Hanged Man. May your discoveries form a beautiful tapestry to warm you as you incorporate more breadth into your idea solar system.  Incorporate things at your own speed. Invigorate Your Royal Court with a powerful silence that, like the earth, is both active and alive.”  ~ from the Land of Mystereum Imagination Primer, page 96.

Imagination Tool from The 2 of Pentacles ~ “We gift you a direct line from your feet to your imagination. Let yourself feel your own two feet clearly.  Feel subtle things with your feet as you experience them.”~ from the Land of Mystereum Imagination Primer, page 76. (one of three Imagination Tools gifted by The 2 of Pentacles in the Land of Mystereum’s Imagination Primer)

Imagination Tool from the 4 of Cups ~ “We gift you a tool to enjoy each and every little success along the way.  You will ripen your ideas soon enough.“~ from the Land of Mystereum Imagination Primer, page 108.   (one of two Imagination Tools gifted by The 4 of Cups in the Land of Mystereum’s Imagination Primer)

“Never allow the delusion of self doubt to cloud your vision.”

~ Tomoe Gozen, Riverworld series

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“Trust is different than hope.

Don’t smoke hope.  Trust. Then, act.  Sometimes action in and of itself is the ultimate trust . . . in yourself” ~Jordan Hoggard

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