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HOLIDAY SHOPPING TIME! Cards are Alive! The Book is Phenomenal!

HOLIDAY SHOPPING TIME! Cards are Alive! The Book is Phenomenal!

Mystereum described as, “The cards are alive! The book is phenomenal!

“Surprisingly great for men and Shadow Work. What a combo. It was all fun and games I thought. . . just all bright and bold and happy dappy with cards telling stories until . . . WOW, this deck really means business! Higher octave Yang doesn’t cover it.  Cherrypicking off the Imagination Tools from the book gives my clients exploration homework they are finding invaluable.  This deck isn’t hard, it just means business time after time. HECK!, my readings were each unique before, even better with Mystereum! Priceless.” ~ J.R.

“Pricey? Mystereum? Geez. The time alone I save now by using Mystereum far exceeds its price. I almost want to tip him after every reading I do. These cards really speak. They are alive straight out of the box! If cards could have legs . . . ha! These cards take you places. I just have to watch my clients, lol. They want to keep them.” ~ K.S.

“I have my own, personal tour guide for energizing my life with Mystereum” ~ J.C.

Open up yours and see!  An easy to use PayPal link is on The Divination Studio website in the right sidebar.

Tarot in the Land of Mystereum.  Open up your signed set and see!

  • $35 Retail Price ($34.99).
  • $47 deal for signed continental US orders includes $12 shipping (3 lbs when boxed for shipping)
  • $57 deal for signed Intl / Hawaii orders includes $22 shipping (3 lbs when boxed for shipping)
  • 78-card Mystereum Tarot Deck + 192-page Imagination Primer companion book in a lidded box with magnetic clasp. 1.8 pounds of Tarot goodness. Approximately 3 pounds packaged for shipping.

CAUTION: Mystereum is not microwave or dishwasher safe. Fully Mom-Approved!

An easy to use PayPal link for your author signed copy of Tarot in the Land of Mystereum is on The Divination Studio website in the right sidebar.

In-Person & Phone Readings Available with Jordan: Great for Gifting!

~ $120 USD per 1-hour session. In-person readings include an mp3 recording.  Email Jordan at to schedule your reading at a convenient time.

Jordan’s Original Treasure of the Stones eReadings Available:

~~ 24 to 48 hour turnaround time. Gift Certificates make great gifts for a special someone ~~

3 Questions $90 USD ~ 6 cards read for your 3 questions. PayPal link at The Divination Studio

2 Questions $60 USD ~ 4 cards read for your 2 questions. PayPal link at The Divination Studio

1 Question $30 USD  ~ 2 cards read for your 1 question. PayPal link at The Divination Studio

Reading Testimonial

“Jordan, You did something other than just the reading or as part of the reading that changed us on the inside. As soon as I read your cards, I felt a weight lifted, a cleansing, healing. I wasn’t angry anymore. I have been calm since then. You have brought a great peace to me. Each of our readings opened us to our own healing in our own way. You did this with such fun, too! We each thank you. ~ C.C.

All Similar, Each Unique.

Open Up In Ways Best-Suited to You and Make more room for the good stuff

Readings & eReadings & Mystereum & Spread Collections are Great Values for Holiday Gifts


All images (c)2010, 2012 Jordan Hoggard

(c) 2012 Jordan Hoggard

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