20 Mar

The Psychic Synapse of Ostara…

PowerScopes & The Divination Studio

Welcome TarotBlogHoppers from Lisa Frideborg Lloyd’s Tarotize site! 

Welcome to this Tarothoppin’ segment along your TarotBlogHop dance of “Ostara: Painting the journey with new life.”

Tarot ~ Ostara: The TarOstara Twilight Bridge

Paint Your Journey With New Life

Chill here a little, and experience . . . Tarot and Ostara AS The TarOstara Twilight Bridge.

Twilight, the magical space of dusk and dawn, the magical spaces between night and day, between day and night.  Twilight dawn, twilight dusk, each day the magical twilight twice.

Yet on one day each year, on the TarOstara Twilight Bridge, there is magical twilight thrice. Dawn and Dusk, and the Psychic Synapse in between.  On Ostara visualize Ostara itself as a whole day of a Big Twilight Dawn as Winter’s night wakes from sleep into this Spring day. Visualize a dream still real and pulsing, morning-stretching, orbiting into memory. Visualize the awake-dream of Spring, longer daylight no…

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