Weekly Mystereum TarotScopes for June 30 to July 6

30 Jun

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Your Mystereum TarotScopes ~ for June 30 to July 6, 2013

Cancer: June 21 – July 22 ~ 2 of Swords

decision time, balanced opposites in ideas, upcoming decisions, mirrored thoughts, focusing to think and see in a new way

decision time, balanced opposites in ideas, upcoming decisions, mirrored thoughts, focusing to think and see in a new way

Cancer, This week is all about clear focus and zoning into whole new worlds from the portal of the detail.  Feel your focus nestle in the fuzzy background.  Allow your assumptions and expectations to de-focus and fuzz out to become your background as you focus in and really see each little thing you look at.  Like the golden 4-pillared symbol for “Fabric” in the 2 od Swords card image.  Focusing in sharply through the portal of the two thought-idea-swords and the colors literally reverse as you see something for its other side and truly for what it is.  Think about it like Yellow Car Syndrome.  You’re on the way to the dealership to buy a car.  There are no yellow cars on the road.  None.  Not even one.  You shop the models, and find this snappy, Eurotrash lookin’, 5-speed package of awesomeness in the most eye-smiling yellow you’ve seen.  You buy it.  You drive off the lot.  All of a sudden there must be 50 yellow cars between you and first light.  They’re everywhere!  You have the equivalent of Yellow Car Syndrome this week, dear Cancer.  Be extra mindful that you see what’s in front of you without the crutch of having to have been shown.  Odds are you may make a “Yellow Car Connection” that streams a connective dna throughout your work this week.

Leo: July 23 to August 22 ~ XIX The Sun

self, return, bright success, dancing with your Shadow

self, return, bright success, dancing with your Shadow

Leo, You?  The Sun?  Well, it might not get any better than that.  Except for you this week. The intensity of your brightness has been turned up this week to a level where you can comfortably dance with your Shadow.  Be mindful of the contrasts that nestle and highlight your points this week.  No need to banter a bunch of not-things, let the background follow as you lead the dance… though lead well fully feeling the follow.  Be very aware that the background and the ones being led in the dance provide a reason to lead the dance.  It is not suggested to be Billy Idol and dance all by yourself this week.  You have brilliant and vibrant things to hook together this week to extend your brightness into your surroundings.  Not only will your brightness take and grow and last longer that way, you run the risk of illuminating crucial components that have somehow been back-burnered by their subtlety.  Respect subtlety this week like the subtlety of the Borg.  Resistance is futile.  The Sun will come up.  Resistance is futile this week.  YOUR sun will come up.  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news that you might have to enjoy yourself this week… uh hem… more than normal.  Yes, that’s possible, maybe not calculable, though… Warm up your rockets.  You may launch on vivid journeys and never leave your chair this week.  I suggest to share some of that brightness to stay regulated though in a higher gear.  Too much of anything does strange things to the brain.  Too much exercise.  Too much alcohol.  Too much (insert noun).  Be selfish and bleed off the extra by sharing more than normal this week.  It will do both parties good.

Virgo: August 23 to September 22 ~ Queen of Cups

emotional and intuitive harmony, discerning feelings clearly, hidden depths seen

emotional and intuitive harmony, discerning feelings clearly, hidden depths seen

Virgo, This week your imagination is the one saying YAH and cracking the whip GIDDY UP!  Buckle up for the ride by staying organized as you are going to have bursts of insight that are full-boat-formed and worthy of your full attention.  You are not going to have time for much else this week as it seems that your imagination discovered jet fuel somewhere, and it’s not revealing the source.  Keep up with your creativity this week.  You especially need venues where you don’t take notes this week, and that somehow every action and experience is recorded as if someone was hired to take copious notes… as copious as you being filmed.  Your direct venue may be a blog or an mp3 recorder.  You need something that takes your stream this week straightaway without worry of editing in the creative moment.  You are not going to have time to back up and do the “How’d that sound?” move this week.  The curtain’s up and the mic is live.  Your warm-up up to this point is not part of the performance.  Maybe next week you can look back and check in to see all the amazing things you did.  This week, though, is all about the Go Juice and Go Go Go with a thick pace not too fast and more-so that you facilitate continuous, creative output.  Plan a nap for next week, though resist that this week.  Hydrate instead.  Water water everywhere.  I suggest you drink your fair share so you don’t overheat your noggin this week.  When you want to rest, take a short walk.  20~20~20 Game may be in order for you this week to keep yourself fresh and continuously working.  Every 20 minutes look up and focus 20 feet away for 20 seconds.  Then, stand up and count to 20 with 20 breaths.  Then, making sure you are acclimated to standing and not still in the zone… you don’t want to trip yourself up, literally… then, take 20 steps.  Now, GET BACK TO WORK! I lol as you probably beat me to that.  Don’t amp over the edge or top going faster and faster.  Go continuously, intensely, though continuously.  No huffin’ n puffin. Work smart this week.

Libra: September 23 to October 22 ~ X The Wheel

cycles, orbits, luck

cycles, orbits, luck

Libra, This week has an interesting twist for you.  Even more puns and humor.  It’s time to really find the humor and ironies in most any situation in workable and positive ways.  Look for puns that overlap to tell a story more completely with laughter in things you experience.  When you can play with something, you are usually at an octave beyond trying to remember the steps.  That’s of course advanced rather than flippantly not serious.  Humor is a true marker of expertise with concepts, play a marker of expertise with actions.  Go with your gut this week and let the humor fly right out first to get more into your own areas of expertise.  Like in a well-done Geometry proof, you’ll find yourself effectively skipping several steps along the way. And, what do I mean by looking for puns?  Simply look at the Wheel card.  Is that a Libra astro symbol and a “30” OM symbol?  Sure.  Though, did you know that the Libra symbol is identical to the Electrical Engineer’s symbol for ohm, a unit of electrical measure? So, OM~ohm~OM~ohm…and hmmmm.  Now how does that mountain and sun appear in 2 places at the same time across time?  Unfreeze some Inner Snow Caps this week so they flow through you and feed the rushing river of your activities.  Make sure to find a softly gurgling brook, too.  I don’t want you to laugh so much that you actually break ribs.  That wouldn’t be funny.  Look into homonyms this week and work to hear the difference here… and there.  Appearance versus reality is your theme this week.  Let both play equally, though.  Reality isn’t always right, just a rest from appearance and vice versa.

Scorpio: October 23 to November 21 ~ Ace of Cups

trust intuition, nurture love, fresh ideas

trust intuition, nurture love, fresh ideas

Scorpio, Your cup floweth over this week, so don’t be too concerned about receiving.  In fact when your cup runneth over, it is almost impossible to receive, just gets in the way of the flow or gets washed away like things in front of a damn breaking.  Your emotions may not be on your sleeve this week.  Your emotions may very well BE your sleeves.  Clothe yourself in them naturally.  Let the weather wash through as most of the week feels to hold times of intense giving of your extra-extra-read-all-about-it special brand of that rockin’ stuff you call love.  Pour it into your creativity, your garden, your lover, your friends.  Heck, take a smiling walk down the street and anonymously gift it out along the sidewalk to work out the extra.  Be the Anonymous Philanthropist of Love this week.  No corny stuff.  I’m serious.  Take the humor with the utmost seriousness… so you can laugh even more.  Odds are you’ll run up and down the scales of your feelings several times this week, though I suggest to feel the oddly natural quality of that this week that is different from before… like band practice.  A full cup is like a full tank.  Don’t add more.  Drive with those feelings.  Let them take you places this week.

Sagittarius: November 22 to December 21 ~ 7 of Pentacles

quiet watchfulness, pause, higher sight within an above

quiet watchfulness, pause, higher sight within an above

Sagittarius, What do I tell the comfortably jaded, hides the know-it-all well sign.  Oh wait.  That’s not you.  You mean that stuff, huh? This week you may just get some sunbeams streaming glimpses from beyond through scenes you felt were already complete.  Look through the tree, through the leaves this week rather than at it.  There is a whole scene waiting in the wings that is slowly ushering itself through.  It will be healthier in the long run to assist the unfolding of this new and nourishing scene before it moves in all at once.  Think about it like making hotel reservations for 500 versus 500 just showing up unannounced.  Start to make room for whatever this new scene is.  It may feel like a rototiller to some of what you’ve used to get by.  Let it.  Heck, grab the handlebars and work the soil to receive it more fully.  Find something this week that you would like to newly amend your soil with.  Find something that’s not the things you grow but in the mix of what makes them grow.   Focus on the mix more than the pieces.  Finding new ways to put things together is going to burst onto your scene in the near future.  Better to have the red carpet and welcome mat and accommodations in place or in progress to being so.  What were we talking about?  Exactly.  Look to prepare for what’s on its way, and don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.  Check before you toss.

Capricorn: December 22 to January 19 ~ 6 of Cups

inner adjustments, balanced feelings, healthy exchange in sharing

inner adjustments, balanced feelings, healthy exchange in sharing

Capricorn, There’s so much that is indelibly lit up in the marquis of your past like the 4 Cups in the sky here.  This week remember most prominently to not let yesterday use up too much of today, and more so, well, even more than that that you are no more at the mercy of your past than of old photo albums.  This week do more things worthy of pictures being taken.  You may be marking milestones wise in time in the moment this week AS you take those first steps on a new path… or those next steps on a path that you just up and outright remodeled more to your resonance.  The green and the sandy coasts really jump out for me here.  Be the integrated opposites of antinomy not in the river but in those that play in this Antinomy River.  Heck, when you’re skinny dipping you might typically forget the name of the river you’re in once there and just have fun.  That’s your week this week, Cappie.  Skinny dipping in public.  Well, you’ll be having so much fun, others will want to join you.  The more the merrier.  This is not a week for commitment except to break your mold and commit to 1 week of fun and rockin’ irreverence, maybe even especially with high falutin’ ideas.  Make some chutes and ladders from the high road this week.  I hear the traffic’s getting pretty gridlocked up there. Do your part to relief the pressure in the mix this week.  It may put you in the position to be the nucleus of things thriving.  Not much thrives without laughter.  Algae, you say?  Not.  Photosynthesis is one of Nature’s way of laughing. Or not.  But, you’re already not doing that quibble and reasoning and overly-logical from just that 1 second, huh?  I’d say that means that stuff doesn’t have a strong a hold as you think.  It’s just heavy. Let reasons be unreasonable this week. You can thank me next week.  You’re probably also the only sign that would read this long a Scope.  Try to get to the good stuff faster this week.  The heart of the matter is all that really counts.  What’s really the heartbeat of what enthuses your actions?  What are you waiting for?  Do that.

Aquarius: January 20 to February 18 ~ IV The Emperor

The Emperor's above-ground submersible of his horse transformed into his World Tree, overseer, place-maker, methodical, metes and bounds

The Emperor’s above-ground submersible of his horse transformed into his World Tree, overseer, place-maker, methodical, metes and bounds

Aquarius, Time to transform your ride this week just like this Emperor’s horse settled in and turned into a tree so his sense wold both be genius loci of the place and also not interfere with it.  This week work to find ways to tune your ride so to speak while you are driving.  Like you have a mechanic under the hood working all the while you are driving without interrupting your driving.  Lay down your weapons to see a different kind of workability rather than conflict.  The heart of the matter in the scene my be more prominently highlighting itself than you imagine.  It might be highlighting itself at the level of a billboard in your front yard.  What is so big and so there you can’t see it?  You know, like God or the Divine or… What’s the elephant in the room?  How is that elephant running the flow of your show?  Feel free to take the Director’s Chair this week.  Seems like the Cosmic Energies need a rest, and frankly they may have simply put all this stuff in motion just for you.  Yup, you’re the center this week rather than playing presenteeism.  Step up.  You won’t have to be the star forever, just long enough to give the stars a break.  Call it Cosmic Jury Duty, and you are the judge and jury of your life.  Feel free to call recess, though male the proceedings count this week.

Pisces: February 19 to March 20 ~ XIV Temperance

magical mixing, integrated balance, vibrant duet

magical mixing, integrated balance, vibrant duet

Pisces, You are on top of the world and way down deep in its nooks and crannies this week and may just feel like a pea in a pod.  There is an opportunity to capitalize on an intense balance that has come onto the scene from both your hard work with zeal and the fact that you may just be in the right place at the right time almost more than any other time in your life.  Well, except for next week, though be patient on that.  This week is chock full of rewards and establishing things into secure spots for longer-term growth.  You’ll most probably feel almost over-focused most of the week, though look at that like looking through a microscope or a telescope or both.  That intense focus brings whole new worlds into view.  You’ll need to be on point as a leader this week, so maybe lower the humor volume and substitute back for it with generally good spirits… like a whistle while you work mode.  Others will dig your be-bopping along like a bee to each flower causing things to come to fruition and grand new plans to begin to unfold.  Focus on this week.  Be the bee that fully attends to each flower, and deflate other flowers’ chatter that may subtly erode your focus.  One flower at a time.  The honey is on the way.

Aries: March 21 to April 19 ~ 6 of Swords

letting go of baggage, presents, surprise ideas, not reaching for more

letting go of baggage, presents, surprise ideas, not reaching for more

Aries, So the sky has been a bit stormy inside like your insides threatening rain?  The energies this week feel to indicate you are carrying things at your limit.  Mind the lazy man’s load of trying to carry it all at once.  If the skies have been threatening inner rain and not producing, you may be carrying too much.  There may simply not be enough room for the flow.  Orchestrate the multiple things you are doing, the multiple irons in the fire such that you can hold one iron at a time while the others reheat back up to full temp.  This week you have the opportunity more than most time to provide yourself with a better rhythm of how to most effectively cycle the things you do through… so they more naturally provide rest and relief from the others when they are on point.  Drop the multi-tasking, or holding too many ideas in your hand at a time.  I suggest to meditate on the Shadow of your hand rather than all the this-n-that-carried in it.  Literally.  Step out of the alleged complexity breeding ironic chaos in your hand.  Lots of little things seen as one big thing may be distorting your vision.  See the Shadow of your hand and get back to one thing at a time.  In time your juggling may re-approach Cirque du Soleil levels where it appears to be multi-tasking… though in reality it is simply fluid fluency with one thing at a time.  One in hand, one on deck.  One in hand, one on deck.  Find your medium pace with this methodical, medium-speed juggling this week to open yourself to a more continuous productivity rather than working to solve the big mysteries.  The specific gigs with character you develop this week might just step back in next week in a larger way. But, not yet.  Smooth out the kinks one by one at a medium pace this week.  I know, it sounds boring.  So, use cruise control and don’t miss a trick this week.

Taurus: April 20 to May 20 ~ The Fool

journey, natural expressions, natural new directions, Psychic Synapse of magical twilight

journey, natural expressions, natural new directions, Psychic Synapse of magical twilight

Taurus, Receiving The Fool again this week looks like you are on a deep exploration. I wouldn’t suggest trying to shake off meandering and wandering qualities of what you are doing, rather simply shake your booty here and there to stir up the path like a cat stirs up the chi in a room on a tear or a kitty crazy.  Feel free to shake things up a bit.  It would seem that in summertime there is a grand opportunity to miss what’s hidden in the bottom of the snow globe.  Shake it up and see what comes out to play.  This week your creative process may start to really dance if you enliven it across the board.  Systematically shake up the snow globe of your life this week to see what sparkly treasures pop up and stick around.  Pick This self-survey snow globe shakin’ up course of your life may just add some wind to your sails so you can go more full speed ahead charting your course. Don’t be surprised if you find a new gear this week.

Gemini: May 21 – June 20 ~ 3 of Wands

new energies, enthusiasm, travel

new energies, enthusiasm, travel

Gemini, It’s summertime and the livin’ is easy.  Well, maybe not, though the energies in the mix express that you may be making sure there is just as much rockin’ in the mix as the other stuff.  Movies?  Picnic in the park?  Hiking?  Concerts?  Themed parties?  Yes, to all?  This week presents a great opportunity to step up your marketing game by not marketing, but by setting up a get-together and being the host/hostess/overseer.  Make sure you have enough support so you are not scurrying around making everything happen.  It may just be time for you to have a higher sight from your everyday surroundings as there are dynamics at play you may be missing.  And, these dynamics may provide just the missing link to some of the work you are doing.  Have that get-together soon where you can survey more than mingle, and let the mingling come to you.  Don’t play a bump on a log, which actually may be impossible for you… unless it was a bump on a log that is a rockin’ chatterbox.  I used to be a branch!  I used to be a limb!  You are no more at the mercy of your past than you are of old photo albums..  I AM the knot!  I AM the knothole!  I AM GEMINI!  I’d suggest to start there this wee.  Don’t continue even thinking about not-things.  Even if you know them all, there’s one thing left.  Everything else.  And, that vague.  Go with what IS and what you bring to the table.  Slough the chaff of “not like” “isn’t that” kind of stuff.  Crack your wheat and make some bread this week.  The money’s there for the taking if you go in with only what you need.  In fact this week the energies may simply cleanly and continuously cycle through to freshen things up.  Enjoy the week, and forget what you don’t with, “Forgetting is for getting.  It makes more room for the good stuff.”

Best to your Mystereum TarotScope enhancing your week!  Till next time.

Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today… ’cause the past was once the future!

And, even in a card with no people, there is always one… You looking in through the card portal.


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“Adversity does not build character.  It reveals it.” ~ James Lane Allen


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