Weekly Mystereum TarotScopes for August 4th to August 10th

05 Aug

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Mystereum TarotScope Allies for Your August 3rd to 10th, 2013 Week

Leo: July 23 to August 22 ~ 2 of Swords

decision time, balanced opposites in ideas, upcoming decisions, mirrored thoughts, focusing to think and see in a new way

decision time, balanced opposites in ideas, upcoming decisions, mirrored thoughts, focusing to think and see in a new way

Leo, This week is about finding your center to see familiar things differently and make critical decisions even when the skies of your world are stormy. Like the golden pillar seen differently, seen as actually being blue when it is the object of your focus, cut in to your own thinking to dance differently with your ideas and thoughts. This week is about seeing familiar things differently so that the blind spots of your expectations move away like the mirages they are so that, seeing familiar things differently, you can make crucial decisions at speed from within the fray that stick.

Virgo: August 23 to September 22 ~ II The High Priestess

techne, making, putting together fully, giving form to the formless, Inner Guardian

techne, making, putting together fully, giving form to the formless, Inner Guardian

Virgo, It is all about giving form to the formless for you this week. What idea or project or endeavoUr have you had on the back burner that you can bring more into focus and make real? This week is your week to bring another force of your work into the forces you already have marshalled. Feel your work or your endeavoUrs as fields of forces and allow the formerly back-burnered component to resonate the ripples of its influence into your current works. Its full influence may not be felt for several weeks, though bringing it to the fore across this week will serve to enliven your mix this week in powerful Priestess ways by opening you up to give form to something that has been patiently waiting around in relative formlessness. It may be as simple as letting the underdog project hop on base and hit a home run. Knock it out of the park a couple of times this week with this newcomer to your mix to both bring forth and express its brilliance and as well give a well-deserved rest to your current primary endaevoUrs.

Libra: September 23 to October 22 ~ Knight of Wands

unfamiliar energies in action, awakening, incorporating energies on the move

unfamiliar energies in action, awakening, incorporating energies on the move

Libra, This week is like the cracked house on the card. Maybe your house is feeling a bit cracked. It is suggested, though not to view this cracking as hard to mend damage. View this cracking as an awakening crack-hatching into your life to re-invigorate your sense of home anew. Like a Knight, incorporate your newly awakened or discovered energies on the move. This could indicate a move, and just as much may indicate a re-homing, reinvigorating your current home in place without moving to another place at all. Allow this Knight of Wands to inform you by incorporating your energies on the move at speed rather than tossing the baby out with the bath water so to speak. Visualize a new fave flower bursting forth in your favorite place in your garden. Be that new flower this week with the busy bees around you expanding your reach with this fresh, new sense of home.

Scorpio: October 23 to November 21 ~ 5 of Swords

missing middles, lost grasp, careful reassessments, subtle movements

missing middles, lost grasp, careful reassessments, subtle movements

Scorpio, This week look for missing middles. Look for the missing middles of things you used to have a solid grasp on yet now are assuming you do.  Take stock to re-tie the shoes of your efforts so you don;t get tripped up by all the chaos in your mix this week. It is suggested to pay serious attention to the air traffic control of how you direct the communications around you while piloting from a centered place. Pilot from the emptiness, from the eye of the storm of missing middles.  Odds are that rather than berating yourself for losing your grasp of some things in your mix you will have more success this week by operating IN the storm though from places of little or no resistance.  Find your own eye in the storm this week and do your thinking from there. Odds are you will see the chaos as weather simply washing through. When it’s stormy this week, share an umbrella. When it’s sunny, invite a friend. The things that are missing in your life have a great and specific place in your life this week. Mind that the place they need to live may be subtle and appear in an empty place. Explore your own emptiness in that place this week. Call this week your echo chamber sandbox. Great things can come from hearing just how it is your ideas really come across.

Sagittarius: November 22 to December 21 ~ 3 of Swords

mental refraction, distorted thoughts, taking care with yourself by moving slowly

mental refraction, distorted thoughts, taking care with yourself by moving slowly

Sagittarius, This week is a grand time to find just that glass hook of what really irritates you. Once you discover what it is, simply pull it out and toss it without care or explanation.  Don;t reason with your irritants this week as you will only rehydrate them to inflame you further. Notice things that just a bit off like seeing a bent twig in water. As you know, it is not really bent.  The water simply refracts what you see. Visualize the water with this twig as your mental state and the bent twig as that thing that really gets your goat. Slowly withdraw the bent twig from the water, notice the twig for what it is, and with a big exhale, forget it and toss it. Forgetting is for getting this week as it will make more room for the good stuff. You need to find that thing that irritates you first.  Once you do find this irritant, though, take care to remove it slowly so it doesn’t further interact with the things around it. Exhale. And, forgetting it, toss it. It may sound like a teeny gig to occupy a whole week, though you will thank yourself in the coming weeks if you do. It is a lot like an arrow being shot from a long distance that is off 1/10th of a degree. At a short distance the arrow might still hit the bullseye.  At longer distances, though, it will come nowhere even near the target. Mind that 1/10 of a degree as a requirement for the aims you have set in your goals.  Re-calibrating your aim by finding and removing this irritant this week, will make for more dead-on accuracy in the coming weeks. It as well may be as simple as making sure your work space is pristine clean so minor distractions aren’t always catching your eye when you are in the heat of ficus.

Capricorn: December 22 to January 19 ~ I The Magician

first-sparks, intense focus, inception, creation

first-sparks, intense focus, inception, creation

Capricorn, This week is about gigging your groove with some new sparks, some new flashes of insight as to what is really precluding your magic.  You may need a welder’s helmet of sorts this week, or you may need to see you own shooting stars within you. Visualize the night sky as a big bowl upside down that stays full, as a Black Crucible of the Magician. Where are the shooting stars you see in your sky? Near a planet? Near a certain constellation. Magically steal the night sky’s free influence and apply that planet and/or planets and/or constellation and/or constellation’s influence or influences.  Entertain how the stories behind these celestial, night sky gigs can inform your work.  You may not be at as much of an impasse as you feel.  You may still have a hard time asking people for help or assistance in regards to your situation, though the sky certainly won’t refuse you or make mention of the fact that you looked to it for an guidance overlay to unstick and inform and more actively activate your current situation so that you can affect more solid engagement with the things you are doing or trying to do.  Ask the sky around a shooting star for help this week by simply noting where IT shot right through. This week the story of your night sky is ripe to be vibrantly mixed into your daily activities. 

Aquarius: January 20 to February 18 ~ 8 of Swords

note the Shadow Hand, noticing and releasing false beliefs, expectations as chaff from wheat cascading away

note the Shadow Hand, noticing and releasing false beliefs, expectations as chaff from wheat cascading away

Aquarius, This week look for the elephant in your room.  Odds are you are on a mental plateau of sorts, and your ability to see things more clearly for what they are is enhanced. See past things as they are, though, to become aware of something in your scene that is almost so big and so there that you are missing it like the dark lavender Shadow Hand in the 8 of Swords card image above.  Things you expect may be clouding your vision. Take the time this week to feel into places where you are mentally wandering as if you are on an Inner Plateau. Use your so-big-and-so-there findings to reset your scene accordingly to more fully incorporate them. This week the elephant in your room may be in need of some peanuts, so, if you take care to find it, you can include it as an engaged ally where it takes care of your thinking at larger scales. Finding this elephant in your room may transfer some of the load of things weighing you down. Discover your Inner Pachyderm this week, and use it as an ally to carry the extra weight so you are freed up to move with more effortlessness. You may find that in doing so, delegating the heavy tasks to aspects of yourself that are more fitting to carry them, the seemingly unending mental plateau you are on may transform into an expansive place of self-discovery where you can shake your Inner Booty more freely.

Pisces: February 19 to March 20 ~ 8 of Cups

inner motions, settled, full, head coming out of the clouds

inner motions, settled, full, head coming out of the clouds

Pisces, This week you have come heads and shoulders out of the mental clouds that have seemed to haunt you from your past.  You made it!  Odds are you probably already know this, though this week take moving forward without being stifled by those things a step further. The smoke and clouds in your mind are clearing wonderfully to reveal the lush and green and fertile new person that is you. It feels that you have many fulfilling things right in front of you that are all varied and all becoming familiar as to the wondrous multitude of things you have brought into your life and that have arrived in your life from staying your course fully.  Notice the variety of things you find satisfying this week. Are they all over the place though not in the least bit chaotic?  Enjoy your happy variety this week. It’s not that you deserve them.  It goes way beyond that as you know.  Fulfillment is at hand across the board.  Visualize this week as a gourmet, multi-course tasting. You just may find this week that you begin to make pairings and put things together in altogether new mixes of ways.

Aries: March 21 to April 19 ~ XVIII The Moon

vision, genius, poetry, madness, inspiring light from unseen sources

vision, genius, poetry, madness, inspiring light from unseen sources

Aries, What a stunning and stellar week you have!  Inspiring light from unseen sources may shine to bend from over your horizon and highlight the fullness of You and all you have been doing.  Much like some talent scout who by serendipity is having dinner at a place at the same time you are gigging as a musician there. Imagine that the scout almost forgets to eat as they just soak up your resonance and probably then come to from their knocked-unconscious enjoyment of your music and story to start tap tap tapping making several key calls. They may leave without saying anything as they build a surprise for you at an upcoming gig. They may rush your stage, without tackling you of course… one would hope.  This week, though, simply keep being your charming and mesmerizing self and bathe in the amplified light that shines on you. Mark this week in your calendar to come back to soon and later.  Great things are coming full term for you with the work you love to do.  Shine fully this week with your natural glow.  This week you may experience a heightening of your reach like an amplifier upping the ante of an acoustic guitar..

Taurus: April 20 to May 20 ~ Knight of Pentacles

consistent, steady, and diligent while incorporating things on the move

consistent, steady, and diligent while incorporating things on the move

Taurus, You’ve come a long way utilizing the same vehicles for quite a while now. Like horse-riding through a tight mountain pass where you step off the horse and lead you both through the pass single file, you may need to step your efforts down a notch. This is not to indicate to turn down your intensity. This week dial yourself into a new and slower pace where you and what you are riding so to speak are more evidently a well-oiled team working a slower and more intensely aware pace rather than working so directly as one. Move to divide and conquer from within this week.  This week you have intense allies that you can put to use in different ways than you have put them to use before.  Use the time this week to undo struggle by responding to the evident conditions around you more according to their limitations. Take it upon yourself this week to see the power of limits.  See how the power of limits serve to more clearly express the defining aspects of the identity of each thing you are working with and how they best negotiate the terrain of your path.  Call it rearranging the cowboy. Step off and give your horse a walking rest so to speak so you both can move more freely and respond more effectively wise in time in the moment across the week.

Gemini: May 21 – June 20 ~ 8 of Wands

up in the air in a positive way like moonbeams, energy across a plateau like field sports

up in the air in a positive way like moonbeams, energy across a plateau like field sports

Gemini, Be patient this week and enjoy all the new energies cascading around you like moonbeams that are always up in the air in a positive way.  Some things may in fact be up in the air this week, though it’s not a week to reach and grope and tug and grab to pull them down.  You may feel like you don;t have any control this week. So be it. Treat yourself to a week that plays out like a movie, and all you need to do is be very present and sit back and enjoy. Don;t go all oompaloompa amoeba lazy in a lack of form and relax out of the scene. Visualize how you watch movies, and treat yourself to your own fave seat in the theatre of your week. You’re a Gemini, which may safely say you have pretty much zero issues with communication.  Use that ability from an engaging in experiencing perspective this week rather than being up on stage.  Don’t hang back.  Simply settle into your groove, and enjoy the ride of a week as a movie. Of course you may have to reach out and touch it here and there to keep it to your standards. 😉

Cancer: June 21 – July 22 ~ 9 of Cups

spirit, blossoms, blooms, dynamic or intense fulfillment

spirit, blossoms, blooms, dynamic or intense fulfillment

Cancer, This week is all about partying like it’s 1999 with things that bring you joy. There is a dynamism present that pretty much may make you feel even more larger than life than normal.  Work it. Own it. This is really your week. You understand full well how the pace needs some solid sprints to juice it up every once in a while and this is your week to turn up the volume on your projects and personal life. When people say, “Everything in moderation”, it is not wholly a statement of prudence and being abstemious. Everything in moderation… that also includes moderation. I’m not indicating to flame out and slam into the wall in a ball of over-doing it fire. Simply step it up to unyoke and step on it this week. This week is all about using the solid momentum you’ve established and further launching out fro there as now there is less resistance to your expanding role. Visualize a booster rocket on the space shuttle that gets the heavy weight up into space and is then left behind so the space shuttle can step on it with less resistance and inertia as it is already traveling thousands of miles an hour. This week is all about discerning the next stage of various things in your life. Look for those aspects in your life this week that can now be amped up to launch forward further.  This is a week that is about putting your A-team driver in the seat, You.  The other drivers of your how-you-got-to-this-wonderfully-warmed-up-and-ready-to-go place have warmed up the vehicles supporting your efforts so you can now perform at the highest echelons of your limits with little to no resistance.  Do please mind the wall, though.  No-one warmed them up, so if you get all hootin’ n hollerin’ at your top speeds, odds are you will meet them head on.  Stay on the track this week though with a more intense focus that directly amplifies your ability to truly perform without holding back. Ayrton Senna comes to mind for you this week.  Be the One With The Gold Helmet this week. And, as I mentioned, stay on the track and don’t meet the wall head on. Walls have a tendency to do very heartbreaking things to the steering column. Keep it on the track this week, though go for some rockin’ performances.

Best to your Mystereum TarotScope enhancing your week!  Till next time.

Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today… ’cause the past was once the future, and today will be too!

And, even in a card with no people, there is always one… You looking in through the card portal.


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