Tarot. TarotScope Allies for Your Sept 22nd to Sept 28th Week

23 Sep


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In general for everyone this week pay attention to subtle things as portals to your bigger picture. Engage details and smaller scales to engage yourself more in your big picture.  Details may be like rabbit holes to Alice this week to open up more to the magic living in your scene that you simply haven’t seen.

TarotScope Allies for Your Sept 22nd to Sept 28th, 2013 Week

Virgo: August 23 to September 22 ~ XVI The Tower

big change, world-altering, emancipating

big change, world-altering, emancipating

Virgo, Did the starting gun boom just go bang?  Walk out into the race with your best efforts in this new time.  The things holding you back have just blown away, been shed, and are no longer attracting your attention to keep them in play.  Don’t flinch from this world-altering change.  You’ve built a lot of energy around you that was a great way to power you up, and then did it start holding you back.  Seed pods burst then.  Anais Nin might express to you, “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”  Be natural in this time like a flower.  Nature doesn’t hold back when it’s time to blossom.  It blossoms, and you have.  Unfurl those energies you built up that have opened up and wield them well… no longer hold your grace hostage.  This is a week to move around and feel your emancipation.  Look for the the qualities that have opened whole new worlds for you. Follow the scent.  There are new flowers to stop and smell.

Libra: September 23 to October 22 ~ 4 of Pentacles

Allow the ground you walk on to be as inspirational as the stars in your sky

Allow the ground you walk on to be as inspirational as the stars in your sky

Libra, This week pay particular attention to your steps and how you move about.  The ground you walk on may be as inspirational as the stars in your sky.  It’s that kind of week where treasures and dreams you put in the ground a good while back have gestated and beginning to come up into your life. Take special note of how you are subtly seeing familiar things differently.  They may be allied with and infused by your dreams.  Take conscious action to listen to your steps.  Allow your toes to become little ground-grabbers that meet up with and massage the goodness of your travels this week.  Your ground-grabbers will be knocking on the door of your dreams with it 5-tap step.  Across the week you may feel them rising up from the ground and ready to be in the bright of day and depth of night.

Scorpio: October 23 to November 21 ~ I The Magician

first spark, focus, inception (II will be conception)

first spark, focus, inception (II will be conception)

Scorpio, You have the opportunity this week for your focus to be so naturally intense that it may transcend time.  Be mindful of and get in sync with 4 things this week:

  • How do you stand on the ground?
  • How do you extend to the sides?
  • How do you open and close?
  • How do you reach for the sky?

You may find a magic in the way you feel yourself naturally moving.  Your Scope is a short one this week as it feels that the magic is all particularly your own this week.  Open up to the magic of your motions this week. You are your own spell.  Feel your magic in your breath casting yourself in each motion.  Allow yourself to get quiet enough to hear yourself this week.  Listen to how others’ actions ripple through you.  Do they cascade through wonderfully and accentuate a kind of dance with you?  Do they create interference patterns.  Feel your magic in your breath this week.  Cast yourself in each breath in motion.

Sagittarius: November 22 to December 21 ~ Queen of Cups

emotional and intuitive harmony, discerning feelings clearly, hidden depths seen

emotional and intuitive harmony, discerning feelings clearly, hidden depths seen

Sagittarius, Your harmony with your emotions and intuitions will naturally lead you to the right places this week.  Does a certain lunch spot you haven’t been to in a while come to mind?  Hop on over there without the blind spot of expectation and see what happens.  This week will be all about creating opportunities by going with your gut.  Inducing spontaneity and serendipity sounds a bit controll-y kind of farcical, though this week induce serendipity and spontaneity by, as much as possible, if you think something, get into action with it.  Even mundane things like taking out the trash can be important.  Allow your intuitions to help with your chores, though.  For example have the trash ready to take out, and when that thought of “I wonder what’s going on at x, y, or z for lunch?” comes to mind, take the trash out on your way out to go there.  Recognize the groups of how things work together rather than checking off one thing at a time.  Touch base with yourself mid-week to open up more to how you are grouping things so you can tailor the natural leadership of the free ideas coming to mind that you receive and utilize as guides.  Get the things done on your schedule of course, though make sure to be receptive to not being so regimented in a planned way this week.  Play with the regimen of acting on your ideas.  Each one may be like a cylinder in a car this week and spark you into action to go places just because.  See what happens when you do.

Capricorn: December 22 to January 19 ~ 7 of Cups

eye on the prize, head in the clouds, dreams eclipsing action

eye on the prize, head in the clouds, dreams eclipsing action

Capricorn, Are you feeling a bit like your head is in the clouds?  Feeling a bit dreamy.  Enjoy the respite.  Dreams may be the first love of this card.  They are your big ideas.  The clouds are where your dreams live so they can flourish.  Don’t get all Disciplined-Work-Ethic on yourself this week.  Simply feel around and make sure your dreams are flourishing and not clouding your vision at the expense of your actions.  This week look to places above your dreams.  The ones peeking out nestled in the clouds may in fact be resting to juice themselves up into action later.  Is there one, particular dream that seems bright and clear that is clearly above the rest of them?  Reach out and embrace it.  Engage it.  This week may be the best one in a while to simply focus on one particular avenue while you let the others rest.  You can come back to them next week, and when you do so you’ll probably have a whole new perspective on how to approach them.  This week, though, focus on and work directly with that one, particular gig that is bright and clear.  It may just pop right up out of the clouds.

Aquarius: January 20 to February 18 ~ Page of Cups

energetic play, letting the crown chakra flow with expert skill in play

energetic play, letting the crown chakra flow with expert skill in play

Aquarius, This week pay special attention to things that are farther away.  It feels to be a week of releasing some things that have been working well so that they can expand your reach further.  Let them lead your resonance like energetic ripple patterns moving outward from you in your life.  Notice what your energetic ripple patterns encounter at a distance, and focus on connecting to it.  It may be behind you unseen, and when you feel its presence, you may think, “DynOmite! That’s outa sight.  Gotta get together and dance with THAT!”  Become more astutely aware than acutely aware.  Discern the things around you and feel into how expanding your reach invigorates you right here, right now.  Play at a larger scale this week so that you higher sight gifts you a playful development with things that are often just out of reach.  Don’t overextend or cantilever yourself out too far, though extend your reach just a bit further this week.  This week is a time when expanding outwardly may build an energetic and emotional bridge to bring in and connect you to just what you’ve been missing.

Pisces: February 19 to March 20 ~ 4 of Swords

fruition, communication in motion, though as a moving target

fruition, communication in motion, though as a moving target

Pisces, .Your communications will be in fluid motion this week like a fan that keeps the air fresh.  You can cut right through what others feel to be problematic with the consistency of your persistence.  This week is not about force or forcing things.  Like a fan keeping the air moving, simply keep doing what you are doing so that you are and are seen as the beacon of effective action.  You may have a lot on your mind, so take some short walks in between meetings to keep your thoughts fresh and your actions directly related to your tasks.  Odds are that this week you may be moving back and forth between several things at quite a rapid clip.  Be mindful across your week to begin to orchestrate them all into a sequence that more directly allows your best efforts to be consistently utilized.  You will be in the driver’s seat more than you may know this week.  Even when you are simply listening your communications will go well beyond your spoken words.  Find the natural pace that works best for each endeavor in which you are involved and consistently apply it.  Don’t break the wild horse of.your intense endeavors.  Come around more to involving that natural wildness into each one, and they may come around more to contributing their special grace to enhance the overall effectiveness of what you are doing.  It’s a big week of teamwork where too much hierarchy may be both bothersome and ineffective.  Make sure that each member of the team or your team of activities is contributing equally and fully so your balanced consistency is best put to work in motion this week.

Aries: March 21 to April 19 ~ 6 of Cups

inner adjustments, balanced feelings, healthy exchange in sharing

inner adjustments, balanced feelings, healthy exchange in sharing

Aries, Focus on what’s coming down the pipe this week.  You’ve chalked up several great winds over the recent months, and now is a time to welcome another one coming in.  Be patient this week so that you engage this new thing coming in in a way that is fully reciprocal.  You may feel a bit between two different lands, one very lush and green, and one that is dry desert and / or coastal in feel.  Allow yourself to explore the river between them as a bridge you can travel on.  Allow the river of the in-between places to be a place itself this week.  Expand the connections between things rather than crossing from one to the other.  There may be feelings of limbo this week, and that’s where your patience will best come into play.  Rather than twiddling your thumbs waiting around, figure out what you can do right there.  Allow any limbo to become a place in itself.  Heck, you might even want to set up a bar and play limbo.  It may help you adjust your perspective so you see a higher bar, and that when you stand back up will be easy to reach down and grasp. What’s the higher bar coming into your life right now?  It may be more simple than you think.  This higher bar might simply be set by whatever you do.  Do your thing this week.  Odds are you will gift yourself the higher bar you already have, and simply haven’t noticed before?

Taurus: April 20 to May 20 ~ Knight of Swords

generating ideas, being well-placed, incorporating thoughts at speed in motion

generating ideas, being well-placed, incorporating thoughts at speed in motion

Taurus, This week is about how you incorporate two very different sides of yourself and of the things you are working with together.  Keep playing tennis back and forth to establish a more open rally between the things you are working on and the people and groups you are working with.  Your abilities to keep things fresh and effective while always on the move moving forward will be in the forefront this week.  Be your regal and knightly self without bluff or code.  Be straight-up this week, and straight-up will probably be a right left right left combination of things rather than a single thing.  Make sure your single-minded focus this week runs along the lines of “Duality doesn’t exist in reality.  Duality is a by-product of linear language that takes things apart to express or explain them.  In reality, they all happen together.”  Play a little back-n-forth Dr. Frankenstein this week.  Open things up to lay them out and present them, though make sure to roll them back up and present them as a cohesive and alive whole, too.  Both the dissection of and the whole of things will be in play this week.  Open things up to express them, though make sure you don’t leave things open on the table when you close up shop or end a meeting.  You want to make sure that as you move from one thing to another that the thing you move from is alive and functioning in your absence.

Gemini: May 21 – June 20 ~ 8 of Wands

up in the air in a positive way like moonbeams, energy across a plateau like field sports

up in the air in a positive way like moonbeams, energy across a plateau like field sports

Gemini, DO things feel up in the air in a positive way for you this week?  Stay receptive to the energies cascading in like moonbeams.  Feel the hope in the air like a ball soaring across a field being up in the air in a positive way. Keep an eye on being aware of when to reach up or out and grab things to bring them down and score to your advantage.  You may be patiently watching this week more than reaching out to embrace things that are up in the air.  Play the active spectator of your life this week.  Stay receptive and reach out when things come right to you or are within reach.  Things up in the air in a positive way can mean they are preparing themselves for you.  Let them be up in the air until fully formed and ready to bring down.  It’s a great week to explore timing by looking at what adds to your patience level or triggers your impatience.  Try to have fun with it like a game this, so you aren’t the one triggering yourself.  You may just get a few laughs this week by exploring the plateau of your own sense of patience.

Cancer: June 21 – July 22 ~ King of Swords

Blends in seamless communicative synchromesh, healthy and discerning, logical and fair

Blends in seamless communicative synchromesh, healthy and discerning, logical and fair

Cancer, This week is all about blending in completely while resolutely making the things you say crystal clear.  This week may be a bit of a call and response kind of week.  Make sure that when you are listening, you are listening like a King and not simply waiting to talk.  Kings don’t waste their ears on drivel.  And, Kings also can find the diamonds in the rough within drivel.  There are pretty much allies for you everywhere this week so long as you are strongly placed and naturally blend into your surroundings as you communicate.  Stay true to what you know this week so that when things come out of left field, you can simply address them directly on your terms.  This is a week about showing in your actions how an ultimate communicator really does things.

Leo: July 23 to August 22 ~ 8 of Swords

note the Shadow Hand, noticing and releasing false beliefs, expectations as chaff from wheat cascading away

note the Shadow Hand, noticing and releasing false beliefs, expectations as chaff from wheat cascading away

Leo, Are your communications or conversations becoming like one, big plateau?  This week take the time to explore the alleged lack of progress.  Odds are there are many things each making small steps of progress.  So, this week make the attempt to see many little things as one, big thing in context working together.  Your aim this week may best be to sharply focus on the big picture, on the plateau.  The wide open space of the plateau may be simply gifting plenty of breathing room to the wild Mustangs of the things you are thinking and working on.  Let things run this week, and keep tabs on how things are doing without interfering.  This week things need to run and stop and ponder and graze and simply be.  Call yourself the Shepherd of Wild Mustangs this week and start planning the round-up… or simply building your fence around the plateau as a larger place for you to work more freely.

Best to your Mystereum TarotScope enhancing your week!  Check back and comment how your Scope is an ally for your week.  Till next time.

Even in a card with no people, there is always one… You looking in through the card portal.

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