Tarot. TarotScope Allies for Your Oct 6th to Oct 12th Week

06 Oct


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In general this week mind your pace.  Make subtle re-adjustments to well-worn paths and interestedly discover new ones.  It’s a great week to re-establish or refresh your priorities and also to begin outlining new ones.

TarotScope Allies for Your Oct 6th to Oct 12th, 2013 Week

Libra: September 23 to October 22 ~ King of Pentacles

Master Builder, stunningly solid qualities, indomitable

Master Builder, stunningly solid qualities, indomitable

Libra, This week take stock in the solid things in your home and life that you have built.  Orchestrate things in a “just so” manner to tidy up the Royal Court of your surroundings.  Allow the things that catch your eye through the week to play their part as wise Counsel to your decisions.  What feel like tough situations to others this week may come across to you simply as weather washing through.  Keep your wits on the ready and have a joke or two handy for levity.  See past the tricksters of conflict this week so that the heart of the matter in each situation is your only core concern.  You may be noticed this week whether you want to be or not.  Keep things, even intense things, mellow, not melodramatic.  Don’t get swept up in floods of reaction and flocking behavior from things that are sensationalized.  You may be able to utilize the bait ball behavior of how things flock here and there to see what is really driving situations so you stay abreast and in charge.  People will look to you this week like their rock.  Be open like a geode to the inner treasures that make you who you really are.  Address conflicts with grace and humor this week, and the solid way you naturally present yourself will play most things to your advantage.  

Scorpio: October 23 to November 21 ~ The Fool

journey, natural expressions, new directions

journey, natural expressions, new directions

Scorpio, A natural new direction you take this week will begin to enliven your experience. Serendipity will be no coincidence for you this week.  Take time to treasure all the wonderful new things you now see from your newfound vision on the paths you take.  Like the Fool in the card nimble-toe-finger crab-walking across the golden pillars of Fabric in the card, make every touch and step count.  See your toes as little ground-grabbers this week, fingers for your feet, and embrace your connection to the ground in each step. It may slow you down a bit at first, though this can appropriately re-adjust your pace to sync up with the natural new direction you are taking. Putting your best foot forward this week is key, so make each step along the beginning of your new direction count right off the bat.  You may want to make your steps into a left right left right dance here and there across the week.  Keep the skip in your step this week to enhance your fresh start.

Sagittarius: November 22 to December 21 ~ Ace of Pentacles

Treasure of Inner Booty is discovered, new assets and seeds

Treasure of Inner Booty is discovered, new assets and seeds

Sagittarius, This week treasures are coming to the fore like seeds cracking open underground.  Unpave the way a bit so that the treasures of new sprouts and details can re-adjust how you work on things.  Allow the new details in your life to begin to establish new paths as you take care to notice them poking their noses up and give you guidance as to how to adjust your path.  Find a park you’ve never been to or a hike you’ve never been on to explore the feeling of walking with fresh eyes.  A single-minded focus, your eye on the prize, is your best bet this week rather than trying to do too much.  Focus in on and consistently work the details this week.  The way you handle details this week will open up a new portal to how you access and expand through your big picture.

Capricorn: December 22 to January 19 ~ Ace of Wands

Shakin'Your Inner Booty scribes a new world, new life, place-making, enthusiasm

Shakin’Your Inner Booty scribes a new world, new life, place-making, enthusiasm

Capricorn, This week is a grand time to scribe out new places in your work and life.  There is a creative energy in the mix for you this week that is as pure as it is experienced. Be aware of how you square your shoulders when speaking with people this week.  There will be a clue for you as to how you naturally engage things.  Do you face your shoulders straight forward?  Do your shoulders angle off a bit to one side or the other?  It’s your call as to how that factors in to your effectiveness, though an awareness of how you engage with your shoulders may well give you a temporary self-consciousness that grounds you to be more present in situations.  There are vast clues to your view and vision living in where your shoulders are faced.  Allow your shoulders to direct your view this week like a steering wheel directs where the rubber meets the road.  Doing this may increase the effectiveness of determining just where you infuse your energies to place or locate or scribe out new places like a High Priest setting the sacred staff of his Omphallos and facing his shoulders as if viewing out from the heart of a temple about to be built there.  Take the direction of your shoulders to heart this week.  Your eyes may wander and scan your surroundings, though your shoulders may inform you where your interest actually is.

Aquarius: January 20 to February 18 ~ 7 of Wands

decisive action, strategies, taking charge, going in regardless of the odds

decisive action, strategies, taking charge, going in regardless of the odds

Aquarius, This week is one of those “against all odds” weeks for you.  And, I bet you are smiling as you go in with wholehearted energies regardless.  Nietzche has a great quote that works wonderfully with the 7 of Wands going-in-regardless-against-all-odds energies. “One must still have chaos in oneself, to give birth to a dancing star.”  Be the best you you can this week as you fully direct your energies right on target.  Visualize this week as finding that just-right gap between moving cars for you to cross an intersection.  Keeping aware of the state of your energies and your capabilities this week will do a grand service to crossing through odds without a care in the world as to beating them.  I bet you have big places to go this week.  Fully and wholeheartedly direct your energies this week to cross through chaos and birth your own star in completing your goals.  Allow your dreams to be the heartbeat of your goals this week where you keep in mind the energies in your goals… as a goal is usually a dream that has been analyzed, prioritized, and given a deadline. 

Pisces: February 19 to March 20 ~ Knight of Wands

unfamiliar energies in action, awakening, incorporating energies on the move

unfamiliar energies in action, awakening, incorporating energies on the move

Pisces, You may feel a real and definitive and concrete energetic awakening this week.  Look at the Knight emerging from the cracked house in the card.  Rather than hard-to-mend damage to the house view this as an awakening, each hand with their energetic egg tooth leading the way into the world.  The egg tooth may fall off, though the energies are then intact in your touch.  It will be a great week to meditate and ponder while getting a manicure.  It may sound wonderfully pleasurable and mundane, though at the same time realize you are taking care of your touch.  Might want to get a pedicure, too, for those little ground-grabbers of your toes while you are at it.  Then, even the simple steps you take each day will have a respectful touch embracing the places you go as being sacred.  Do mind typos and mispent efforts this week very carefully.  Like an author accidentally typing “scared space” when they meant “sacred space.”  Some typos just can’t be erased from the mind.

Aries: March 21 to April 19 ~ 8 of Cups

inner motions, settled, full, head coming out of the clouds

inner motions, settled, full, head coming out of the clouds

Aries, Are you excited?  Tired?  Are your emotions literally all over the map?  Allow them to be.  Feel into the level of expansiveness you have when your emotions are all over the place.  Literally, look at where they are in each place across your vast emotional plateau.  Sometime emotions simply come out to play, so don;t fault yourself or take yourself too seriously.  Laughing with friends and humor of all sorts may appeal to your senses in a whole mindbodybeautiful way this week.  Allow the expanse of your 8 of Cups emotional plateau to reach out and be energized by an 8 of Wands ally.  It will help keep your emotions fresh and warmed up as they stretch you a bit.  It is a week to prepare for future growth with accomplishments you have recently had.  Take good care to spend as much time laughing with friends as you do focusing on your work.  Laughing with your friends and enjoying your work are each contributing equally to your success this week.  Don;t mind things if they are all over the map.  Act as if they are gifting you something.  Reach out and discover the treasure that each thing all over the place wherever they are is pointing you to.

Taurus: April 20 to May 20 ~ 6 of Swords

letting go of baggage, presents already present, surprises in healthy idea exchanges

letting go of baggage, presents already present, surprises in healthy idea exchanges

Taurus, You may feel really sensitive when communicating things this week.  Don’t try and reach out for more as you may be sensitive as you are full up with what you need.  Have healthy communicative exchanges this week to use that full tank you have.  Allow your comms to take you places where your sensitive touch is appreciated this week.  Your clarity may be going well beyond your spoken words this week, so note how you do or do not communicate with your hands.  The eyes/Is may have it this week, though are your hands giving you clues to the things you are working to grasp?  Speak and communicate this week in a way where you are acting in an exchange rather than a give and take.  Make it a giving and receiving kind of week so what you put out there is wonderfully received and exchanged with increases in your grace.  Oh, and note if someone is holding their grace hostage.  Your sensitive touch softly reaching out in a single, small way may mean everything to them… which in turn can do big, positive things for you which in turns enhances your capability to reach out at the right times.  You may feel and think you have to say it all this, though do yourself a service and rein that in by simply letting it clue you in that something really interests you.  Mind chronic over-sharing this week so you don’t undermine the effectiveness of your touch.  Use the over-think as fuel for your interest so that your restraint provides more of a structure to form and really clarify the identity of your interest.

Gemini: May 21 – June 20 ~ XVIII The Moon

vision, genius, madness, poetry, illumination from unseen sources, powerfully intense reflection

vision, genius, madness, poetry, illumination from unseen sources, powerfully intense reflection

Gemini, This is a big week for you to reflect light from unseen sources. Now, what the heck does that mean you ask?  Like the moon reflects the sun at night when you cannot see the sun. Like that.  Feel into how your light is brightened by what may seemingly be outright crazy monkey business kinds of things.  There will be a genius in the madness for you this week.  It’s a great time to write or read poetry, to paint, to craft.  Shine your creative energies to brighten up dark recesses of things you’ve had on the back burner for a while.  Bring them forward and down to earth right in front of you.  Reach out and get your hands actively working into the energies living in your week. Getting your hands into clay throwing a pot on a potter’s wheel would be an ideal thing to do this week.  Get creative on how you glaze and finish things this week to put your brightest, creative abilities to their best use.  Heck, you might even find your own, inner LUNAtic.

Cancer: June 21 – July 22 ~ 2 of Wands

directed focus, seeing past tricksters

directed focus, seeing past tricksters

Cancer, This week will be all about seeing through mirages, seeing past tricksters.  Mind that you don’t get frazzled by perceiving many little things as one big thing.  It’s energetic decision time.  Be decisive with your energies.  Focus more on the moon than which finger is pointing to it this week.  The energy in the details will open you up to a bigger picture this week in very tangible ways.  Watch for doors opening as others close ad adjust the pace and direction of your energies accordingly. Forgetting is for getting this week. It’ll make more room for the good stuff to come in.  Go out and make energetic decisions this week.  You may just find a new gear as a natural Inner Inheritance.  Use what you discover to gear up your giddy up n go this week.

Leo: July 23 to August 22 ~ Knight of Swords

generating ideas, being well-placed, incorporating thoughts at speed in motion

generating ideas, being well-placed, incorporating thoughts at speed in motion

Leo, Have you been playing both sides of something recently only to discover that rather than an either/or proposition it is a both-and situation or thing?  You are in a prime spot mentally to spin-juggle both sides as easily as flipping a coin this week.  Use the inclusiveness of what you have discovered to your advantage by working with it rather than trying to figure it out.  Treat your discoveries as literal tools you can use in sequences that get your ideas out there and on the move.  Also, Knights have a higher sight from their view up there on the horse.  Is there really no horse in this Knight of Swords card image, or is it more a visual expression of directly seeing things from an elevated place where you have fully integrated the vehicle that supports you up there?  Like the card, assume your own horse this week.  Mind your view as you realize how different your elevated perspective is from others’.  It is more a week to pass things back and forth than to bring them to the ground like in volleyball.  This week my be more of an Air Polo week, though.  Don;t be surprised if you start thinking you are seeing eye to eye with your dreams. They may be bringing you to them to show you more closely how to build foundations under them on the ground.  What do your dreams need from you this week?  Be careful of your assumptions with your tools this week, though.  Just because you have a hammer in your hand doesn’t mean to only go around looking for nails.

Virgo: August 23 to September 22 ~ 9 of Cups

spirit, blossoms, blooms, dynamic or intense fulfillment

spirit, blossoms, blooms, dynamic or intense fulfillment

Virgo, Well well well.  Are all these dynamic emotions you have becoming as easy for you to read as a clock?  Note the orange thingamabob reaching like a stem to the flower-bell of the cup. It’s almost as if that is 7 on a clock, a marker that gives you reference for all the other unlabeled cups.  This week find your own, emotional sun dial and begin learning to tell time with your emotions.  Learn to tell time by how you feel at different times each day.  What I gather will soon start to happen is that your schedule book will start to get set in stone as you concretely figure out when you are at your best for each thing you do.  Learn to tell time with your emotions this week.  More than simply finding your best and most productive times, I bet all the unscheduled things will begin to fall into place as they earn homes between the important stuff.  Learn to tell time with your emotions this week.  It may not be as goofy as it sounds.  It may enlighten you more as to the time you spend taking care of business and the time you take taking care of yourself… and maybe those are both-and sides of the same coin.   Learn to tell time with your emotions this week.  It may not be as goofy as it sounds

How does your TarotScope enhance your week!  If you know your Ascendant / Rising Sign and Moon, you may want to read those, too.  I find it most helpful as they often seem provide a message that enhances the sun sign in ways more resonant with one’s personality.  Comment how your Scope is an ally for your week, and touch base mid-week to see how it’s providing you more effective workability in your schedule and in your life.  Till next time.

Even in a card with no people, there is always one… You looking in through the card portal.

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