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Re: FB’s policy changes that go into effect 11/27/12:

Re: FB’s policy changes that go into effect 11/27/12:.

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Patient? …or Passive….?

Great distinction between being patient versus passive.

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The Mary-El Tarot

The long-awaited “Marey-El Tarot” by Marie White is now available! Read Bonnie Cehovet’s review to whet your whist-El!

Bonnie Cehovet

The Mary-El Tarot

Author: Marie White
Artist: Marie White
Schiffer Books
ISBN #978-0-7643-4061-1

I am one of the legion of people that have followed the progress of this deck from day one (that would be day one, ten years ago!). I am incredibly excited to now have it in my hands, and to be able to work with it. The cards were painted in oils, and maintain the traditional structure of the 22 Major Arcana (with traditional titles), and the four suits (Wands, Cups, Swords, and Disks), with the Court cards entitled King, Queen, Knight and Page. Justice is VIII, Strength is XI. Schiffer includes two extra cards with each deck – one card includes information about Schiffer, while the other card includes other Schiffer titles being offered. I feel very blessed that my book, “Tarot, Birth Cards, and You” was listed on this card, along with Jeanne Fiorini’s…

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Chinese New Year


I have taken a few “Chinese New Year” related photos during recent strolls. At this time of year noisy firecrackers are set off to chase away bad spirits (leaving the pavements covered in red paper). Shrines get fresh floral garlands, and food offerings are often set out in front of Chinese businesses. Also, many people tie a bunch of flowers (usually orchids) onto the front of their car, and shop fronts get decorated with Chinese figures, lanterns, and red paper.

For those wishing to view dragons – please see my 14 Dec posting “Walking with Dragons”. Just to tempt you I have inserted one of them below.

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Wild Things 82

I have really been enjoying this photo journey, and thought you might, too!


This is the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, the Year of the Dragon, so I wish my reader(s) “Gong Xi Fa Cai”. I think that my lizards look a bit like small dragons.

There are lots of wild flowers to be seen at present, and I had a problem deciding which flowers to include here. I often find the insects enjoying their breakfasts. This morning both a jumping spider and a praying mantis were eating when I arrived with my camera.

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ISIS Tarot de Marseille (via Bonnie Cehovet)

Bonnie Cehovet’s blog is a blog worth sharing! Cheers to Bonnie!

ISIS Tarot de Marseille Artist: Tadahiro Onuma ISIS (The Institute of Study on Initiation and Symbolism) 2010 ISBN #978-4-88594-446-8 I want to thank Alec Satin for bringing this deck to my attention. I saw he scans on his blog, and “had to have it”! I purchased the deck directly from Mr. Onuma, with not a little trepidation, because I was not that sure how well Japan’s postal system had recovered from their recent devastating tsunami … Read More

via Bonnie Cehovet


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