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12~12~12 The Hanged Man Trinity? Just Another Day?

12~12~12 The Hanged Man Trinity? Just Another Day?

So, today is the only day

where the numbers will line up during our lifetime as 12~12~12. Sure, though not if you are of Yoda stock. There’s a 12~12~12 every 100 years. There seem to be Monday through Friday and the weekend just the same.   Maybe 12~12~12 is a Fred Flintstone YABBA DABBA DOO time! Weeeeeeeee!

Hmmmmm . . . Maybe.

XII in the Tarot is The Hanged Man. Is today an opportunity to celebrate your Inner 3 Kings of Illumination? Or, like any other day, simply another day that ends in “Y”? Heck, all the days end in “y”. Monday. Tuesday. Birthday. Holiday. That’s an AWESOME way to douse the fire on any sucky ones, as it’ll be a WHOLE ‘NOTHER ONE potentially different that ALSO ends in “y” to wash this one away tomorrow. The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout . . .

Notice the rings to hang your idea solar system on.
I introduce you to illumination. Hang out with it once in a while. Like today.
I give you a place of your own to clearly float, fully supported, in your mind.

Inner 3 Kings of Illumination?

What the heck is that?! Are THOSE?!!  Heck if I know! I just made it up today playing off the date ’cause I felt I oughta blog today ’cause, heck, it’s Wednesday for crying out loud!  And, isn’t that what EVERYTHING IS? Play?  Especially the serious stuff?  And, the best comes from expert skill in play from my perspective. You see, I love to get all excited about things, and at one and the same time most things barely tick a single eyebrow to cogitate being raised. At least I have a Nordic regardless-smile that spans full-boat enthusiastic enjoyment all the way over to be the smile of full defiance when turning the other cheek.

So, today,

don’t get all hot n bothered about OH IT’S SO SPECIAL and MISS IT! Do YOUR thang today pretending into your Inner 3 Wise Men of Illumination, and let that set a tone for you tomorrow and to get better and better with each coming day. Just let ’em sing Y y y    y Y y   y y Y in a round. Once you smile or chuckle, get on doing one of your gigs today . . . let ’em invigorate you to put a skip in your own step. Y y y   y Y y  y  y Y  SING IT!  Heck, do the advanced version in a round and do one for each day of the week!  Her, I’ll start it off:

Y y y y y y y, y Y y y y y y . . . Sing it now!

Intensity might simply be your 100% pure and uncut identity, like cacao, chocolate. Bet you’ve got an inner yum for yourself today with 3 Inner Wise Men to brighten and energize and illuminate your day.  Today, have 3 chocolates to feed the Trinity of Your Inner Royalty in Your Royal Court!  Some call it the Higher Self. The Hanged Man’s already got a rope, and today x 3, so weave up some fun! I’m going to read Jack and the Bean Stalk to celebrate.  Harold and the Purple Crayon and Milo with his Phantom Tollbooth took the day off, so I KNOW there’s fun SOMEWHERE to be had. Have a great one!

This blog brought to you my Mystereum and the letter “Y”

Tarot in the Land of Mystereum is

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All images and text (c)2010, 2012 Jordan Hoggard

(c) 2012 Jordan Hoggard

Groc the videos at for entertaining learning.

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Mystereum Tarot Thursday Theatre Themes: Hanged Man

Mystereum Tarot Thursday Theatre Themes: Hanged Man

These Mystereum Tarot Thursday Theatre Themes look into the depthful places that Major Arcana characters in The Land of Mystereum make cameo and appearances throughout the deck.  These Thursday Theatre Themes are a stage to express the in the coordination and living order that heartbeats throughout The Land of Mystereum.

These themed blogs couple with The Mystereum Presence Of series under the Card Cameos tab above as they both explore how Major Arcana characters make cameos and guest appearances throughout the deck to clearly bring their presence to the lineage in the worlds of many Mystereum Minor Arcana cards. I am using these two groups of blog articles to build a Land of Mystereum Encyclopedia.  As Mystereum isn’t a derivative deck, the encyclopedia will be like place for larger study and learning about Mystereum as an imaginative divination tool.  This encyclopedia will begin to outline a map, a roadmap to guide further exploration studies.  It’ll just be a lot more fun than a map, and you don’t have to figure out how to fold it back up.

Mystereum Tarot Thursday Theatre Themes will explore the features and symbols and the way things cascade through the deck in multiple places to echo-resonate-locate further layers of visual story and meaning in the cards.  Look at them as primers or psychic triggers always welcoming how YOU see Mystereum in altogether your own personal and valuable way.

Today’s Mystereum Tarot Thursday Theatre Themes subject

is the wonderfully illuminated and afloat in clarity character of The Hanged Man.

The Hanged Man

makes his presence known as he cameo in 6 Land of Mystereum Tarot cards.  He is of course the star of The Hanged Man.  The Hanged Man also cameos in XV The Devil, XXI The World, the 4 of Pentacles, The Page of Cups, and The Page of Swords.

The Hanged Man Stars, Cameos, Makes Appearances In

XII The Hanged Man ~ His naturally umbilicalled connection of his Yoga Tree Pose posture is similar to his own tree’s posture.  Note the DNA interplay of their compositions.
XV The Devil ~ He plays the dood on the right, uses his Yoga Tree Pose to distract The Devil above with his crystal fire opal wand Cirque du Soleil’d on his foot.
XXI The World ~ The Hanged Man’s energy is the heartbeat of the cala Lily hands that suspend infinity in their touching embrace of it.
4 of Pentacles ~ from Hanged Man’s afloat in clarity . . . he offers you this: “May the ground you walk on be as inspirational as the stars in your sky . . . solid stars of the worlds of your dreams that you orbit-juggle in The Idea Solar System in the sky of your imagination.
Page of Cups ~ Upright, The Hanged man juggles infinity, infinitely fulfilling new connections into Your Royal Court. Mystereum’s notion of the Higher Self is personal.  The Higher Self is Your Royal Court.
Page of Swords ~ The Hanged Man suspends the level blade over and with his 3rd eye in front of his crown (chakra) above his strong Silence of voice (chakra).  He moves level ideas forward to you.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this segment

where I am outlining the living characters throughout Tarot in the Land of Mystereum. It’s a fun encyclopedia to expand out into as I walk through The Land of Mystereum like a bird watcher looking for specific specimens to enjoy.

What strikes you about the resonance of The Hanged Man in your Land of Mystereum?

How are you illuminated?  How do you come to clarity?  What expresses when you are afloat in clarity and connected while you are illuminated?  What are your theosophic visions, your awakedreams, your remote views and remote viewing.  Aren’t your visions, even when they are snippets remote viewing?

Also, check out Presence Of articles to discover more about the coordinated dynamism present to support and further inform coordination in your journey throughout The Land of Mystereum and throughout your life

Become your Natural Nature

as you discover your inner inheritances with Tarot in the Land of Mystereum.  Many wonderfully surprising things begin to happen when you do.



All images (c)2010 Jordan Hoggard

(c) 2012 Jordan Hoggard

Tarot in the Land of Mystereum is available signed by the author at

Groc the videos at

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Tarot Neptunian Atman

Tarot Neptunian Atman?  Neptunian nuclei? Heck, what the heck are THOSE?!  Does my Mom know I talk like this?  Ummmm, Yes.

~ The Ace of Cups’ smaller than small Mystereum character continually fulfilling as the nucleus of the larger than large Hanged Man?

~ The Hanged Man’s character afloat in clarity as nucleus of The Ace of Cups?

~ Ace of Cups as Hanged Man nucleus?

~ Hanged Man as Ace of Cups’ higher octave, Higher Self?

Large-form ebbs and flows back and forth, each at one and the same time both the other, and as well contrariwise?

Seein’ a little ditty danced there.

I find it more important to NOT to impart my intense energy to the client, or take on theirs.  It would seem a disrespectful dilution that dissolves a strong and powerful listening to identity.  Comfortable with your identity, AND the client it makes for a non-pinned ATM in a great exchange in a reading, if one does not take care is there a merge?  A meld? A magical mixing? An enhancing of freedom of each that is catalyzing across the board?

When I read, I have squeezed my Neptunian boundary sponge before I hear the knock and answer the door, or knoch which is where the reading actually begins.  The stacked stone trailhead indicator of the portal of the path into the reading.  I squeeze my sponge after also, regardless, and get on to the rest of my day or to the next reading.  I squeeze my Neptunian boundary sponge before and after regardless.  If things are to influence me, they might naturally do so.  Even if something resonated with me and is positive, it still may not round-peg to square-hole combo-lock open anything worthy to be influenced or affected by.  A smile may occur, and that feels similar to a cool face seen in a tree along the path of the reading.  Do I forget those things that are squeeze-dropped from my sponge?  Probably.  Probably, in the way one may never see that face in the tree again, or even recollect it, though it may have provided a pivotal image shaking like water-sounding Aspen tree leaves rustling in the wind.  Though the moment would never have been the same without it, it feels to be like going on stage to speak, or perform, or listen as others do.  The warm-up is rarely part of the performance.  The curtain rising or parting, relieves the veils of their duties.

The warm-up, the chaff about to be shaken from wheat, is shaken off as the curtain does its gig to stacked-stone-trailhead mark the moment.  The warm-up is not part of the performance.  The snake, his skin shedded.  The snake, his skin not missed.  “OH! The pretty new colors!,” the snake feel-dream-thinks out loud inside.  OH! The pretty colors!  Chaff and curtains and stacked-stone trailheads and shedded skins are more than not missed.  They Death card Master Gardener-style continue themselves as compost, as spacing.  They resume something else without exhuming what made it.  Their place?  Is that the place of no-place?  Or, is their place that of context and memory, where the memory craftily relieved of its time-constraint is no longer in the present?  It simply lives heralded in the bannering forth of the prescient remembrance of the performance?  Maybe this is more of an “and” expression.  Maybe neither and nor or.  Regardless, isn’t it expressive of life’s movement. the passionate heartbeat pulsing each action?

Sometimes, I continually visualize squeezing my sponge as I listen to my clients.  It really depends on me and them and the reading and the time and the place and their question and . . . yes, my presence to be present as well as theirs.  Some  readings are more intense than others.  Some readings are simpler than others, and carry a deceptive simplicity of a rockin’ impromptu speech.  Some feel altogether natural and are at one and the same time natural saturations of which to be most careful.  On a bead-reader day, can that be a 2-way street?  Sure.  And, therein enters ethics and professionalism.  Funny thing is?  I have never called in sick to a reading.  Something about them sets the time before and after for resonance with the reading itself.  Even in rapid-fire succession, reading after reading on a long day . . . it is never “just another day at the office.”

Neptunian aspects? Taking on anyone else’s stuff no matter how congruent it feels?  Neither naturally jives.  Neither naturally juves with the combo locks of one’s identity.  Agreement does not, or rather, never indicates to empathise I find.  Empathy, even though it can be wondrous, does not imply to ingest anything additional.  I am especially careful to not swim in sympathy, and maybe even more so less consciously with empathy.  The details will time themselves out if referenced and footnoted and beaten into submission by over-analysis of intellectualism.  Frankly, that is no submission at all.  Moreso, it feels to be a curtain that never opened to play its part in the shedding of itself to awaken the performance, the reading.

And, there is one particular phrase.  “To swim.”  Is that what I do in readings?  Maybe.  But, with WSI training, (Water Safety Instructor), I never, repeat, never approach a drowning person head-on from the front.  Why make sure 2 people are going to die when one can do one’s best to cross-check the identity of the question to bring itself to bear . . . heck, even wash up with otself after the storm has broken.  I don not say, “after it IS broken,” as that would feel to puncture ethics with heavy-handed and egomanaical. . .uh hem . . . can’t really call that reading.  It is something else.  Sociopathic?  When an idea or the person in general is drowning it is does not seem advisable to try to support them as they will climb on you and push you under.  They WILL whether you realize it or not, squeezed sponge or no.  You may take a bad gift from them from the reading.  What then?  Well, it is then yours.  It is your responsibility.  No blame.  No therapy.  No catharsis.  More a wise in time -do-not-take-it-on-in-the-1st-place kind of thing.  Does that sound difficult?  Hmmm. . . . how difficult is it to not use the word pity as a verb in your life?  That may do some service to a response.  Maybe no.  Hmmm . . . presumptuous for me to go much further on that trail as I see more stacked stones, another trailhead to direct my feet another way . . .

I have extremely Neptunian aspects prominently.  I know all too well that I almost already get someone the second I see/smell/hear/sense them.  I don;t go into the clairs much as I am a synesthete where senses cross over.  Is that a Neptunian thing with Mercury 4 degrees away in Scorpio? Most probably yes, that is part of it.  I see it as a Seeing With Cat’s Ears kind of thing.  Very much in the wild, in nature in life.  I would suggest not to listen to a word I have said if you have never had an intuition you acted on, or led people off a troubled, stormy mountain pass kind of thing.  Notwithstanding that, I feel one of the things I have to offer here is . . .

Mind your identity.  Nevermind conflict.  You are the reader.  Do not take it personally.  Your clients are not your tourniquette, nor you theirs.   Also, miind that you do not chum their water or your own.  Teeth have many forms, and mostly are not bared consciously or intentionally. Ideas and thoughts and feelings have teeth.  Simply be the dancer to keep clients focused on THEIR stuff.  Maybe you are their stacked stone trailhead to direct them to their hike.   Still learning that, though. Occasionally, I get bitten so to speak when I felt even the strongest I have ever felt.
Mind the details that creep in like a drop of dye dropped in water.  From that I get to my one chief suggestion.  Besides being good for hydrating the skin, prepare yourself with your fave oil.  It will be like a herald on a shield to them announcing who your presence is without bring you too close until YOU do that.  They will naturally not be threatened to try and overtake you as they see/sense/smell/see who you are, as your reading may give them the oil-scent of themselves to further explore themselves.

I find that people really often DO inwardly know how strong their feelings and emotions are.  And, whether they are aware of it or not, they are there.  As the reader, discern your surroundings with your Cat Ears.  Your eyes are not the only vision tool.  They may be the first clue to allow you to sit in one spot never moving and never get any direct hits from them, though.  And, maybe that begins to elucidate the Powerful Listening of a reader?

Powerful Listening.  It is a great trait to develop that both protects you and may in fact enhance you as well at the same time provide a more directly discerning and responsive service for your clients.  Like driving.  Head on collisions are best avoided by staying in your lane so to speak. Ride with them as co-pilot as they drive serendipity.  Let it flow.  OH! THAT tree is SO cool, turn left.  Reasons can be as unreasonable as that tree.

So. . . .

What do I mean by Neptunian aspects ?

First off, utilizing “aspects” here as a facet or component or feature of something rather than an “aspect” in astrology per se.  Neptunian aspects are boundaryless concepts, watery, depthful, infinite and boundaryless.  That said, it is not to indicate that I have no boundaries as that would indicate a problem.  Moreso, it is that I  . . . how shall I say this . . . have spongelike boundaries.  Things are apt to be felt even before I directly encounter something as they “touch or encounter my sponge” so to speak.    And, things can get caught in the sponge, even things I like immensely but that are other peoples’.  I find that what integrates naturally flows through, maybe even without even encountering the sponge, like the sponge is my customs agent.  Call the Neptunian aspects spongelike boundaries.  It is much like a cell.  It has a semipermeable membrane as the outer cell wall for nutrients to get in.  Much like the concept of “water conforms to its cup,” the situations we place ourselves in AND the WAY in which we place ourselves — hydrated and fed are two solid ones — would express the sphere of influence or being influenced of this sponge.

Take a fish in an aquarium for example.  If you press your hand into the water, the fish will feel the displacing pressure, or simply the influence, the affect of your hand.  In a more complex example: with your back to an open door, can you tell who it is when they change the sound/feel/smell/thought/etc very etc of the room as they become and tune the doorway with themselves like a drum, simply for an instant as they step through the doorway?   Is a person stepping through a doorway into a room like a finger covering a hole playing the flute of your space?  Or, what do you feel when closing the doors of your eyes?  What tune resonates there?
I expressed Neptunian aspects to mean comfortability (or discomfort) with boundaryless concepts, and that Neptunian aspects can be a key to better learning of one’s own sphere of influence as well as how one’s influence cascades inward and outward to ebb-n-flow wave when interacting, and even when not directly interacting.

In closing,

You see, I am one to facilitate relationships thriving.  I am a reader.  I have no querents as that term sounds to DAYum petri-dish-presumptuous.  I have clients.  The client is always right, and not always correct.  Their form follows their priority, and the dyes that drop into their water.  Stacked-stone trailheads of statements even midstream are noticed when powerfully listening, even when powerfully speaking . . . even in the power of silence. . .

I will simply say, “HAIL CHIRON!”  May you always elucidate your identity to find the workability of the best things that feel to need to be lived every moment.  Does that sound like a royal PITA (Pain In The Ass)?  A hassle?  A lot of work?  And, does it not sound less like work, and more a way to enhance the freedom of you breathing passionately to nourish yourself with your personal resonances your way?  Even when still? Especially when playing?

As naturally as the Hanged Man may be the higher octave, the Higher Self of the Ace of Cups . . . May breath be prayer aspirating your inner divinity.  May your personal resonances live with and nourish you as naturally as you breathe, and enhance your breath.

Jupiter’s Blessings,



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(c) 2010, 2011 Jordan Hoggard


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The Hanged Man’s Posture in the Land of Mystereum

Land of Mystereum Hanged Man

Energetically, The Hanged Man is a very watery card,

cascade-rippling forth his inner emanations.

I often see this character as indicating an afloat in clarity quality,

the full and effortless support like when supported floating in water.

So, is this Hanged Man in the same posture as his support, the tree?

What can that tell us?

(c) 2010, 2011 Jordan Hoggard.  All Rights Reserved

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Threes: Birth-Placing Clarity

Threes: Birth-Placing Clarity

The World ~ The Hanged Man ~ The Empress :: XXI ~ XII ~ III

Welcome to my Tarot Birth Card Identity Blog!  This blog is intended to be a simple overview of Tarot Birth Cards, a casual and concise walk-through of the groupings of Birth Cards to express some of the ways that they can contribute vital components to identity.  Also, I will layer in Birth Card Preludes to express the whole of each Birth Card grouping in a short and integrated statement.  You may also find the Preludes to be expansive catalysts, too.  I find that these Preludes, as I like to call them, turbo-readings of sorts, are best stated afterward, later to be utilized as initial triggers to remind one of how the Birth Cards can integrate an overall expression of the Birth Cards from a single voice.  And, they can of course be utilized first in a way like a Significator Card.  Enjoy finding your own path with these, and look forward to hearing your own, personal “trigger” Preludes and Birth Card thoughts directly composed from your feeling-sense of them in Your Tarot voice.

Note also how these Birth Card expressions and Preludes factor in to hook up and work with my videos like the  Twos To Pair and Grounding with the Family of the Fours.  Enjoy the correspondences of the numbers as they flow back and forth between the Major Arcana in the Birth Cards and each of the suits of the Minor Arcana and Courts in the videos.  Also, I encourage you to have some fun and come up with Preludes on your own for the Aces through the Tens, and as well Your Royal Court characters.

So, to start for example with this 3-card Birth Card combo, the first card can represent a person’s Outer Expression.  The 2nd card can be their Added Incentive.  And, the 3rd card can represent their Inner Expression.

So for example with the Birth Card Chart combo of a XXI, XII, III; 21, 12, 3; The World ~ The Hanged Man ~ The Empress:

21 is the Outer Expression    12 is the Added Incentive     3 is the Inner Expression

For a 21, 3 combo:
21 is the Outer Expression    3 is the Inner Expression.  A Prelude of your own making can create and make your own brand of an Added Incentive integrated, hiding in plain sight, and /or simply inherent from your perspective.
So, let’s get started walking through the the 3’s shall we?

[ XXI ~ XII ~ III ]   [ 21 ~ 12 ~ 3 ]
Note how the numbers of these cards add up to 3, and thus correspond with the Threes in general, and the Threes Through Trees video on the Flics page at .  After you read this blog, May I suggest Movie Time on the Mystereum website Flics page?     Enjoy the video for your Birth Card number group! . . . and, the others, too.  If you resonate with them, please share them, and spread the word far and wide about The Land of Mystereum.  Wholehearted thanks!  There is also a link to my YouTube Channel where all of the videos released thus far are ready to be viewed.  Enjoy!

3’s Birth Card Prelude: With The World ~ The Hanged Man ~ The Empress as your Birth Cards you have abilities to feel expansively afloat in clarity as you abundantly carry things to full term.  A Birth Card Prelude can be as simple as a few words, and as inviting and expansive as the title of a book, the ever-evolving book of You!

See how this simple Prelude statement expresses the 3 character as facets of one personality:
The World ~ expansive         The Hanged Man ~ afloat in clarity         Empess ~ abundantly carry things to full term
Putting them back together again as an integrated Prelude statement: With The World ~ The Hanged Man ~ The Empress as your Birth Cards you have abilities to feel expansively afloat in clarity as you abundantly carry things to full term.  Does this strike chords to resonate with you?
The World card represents your Outer Expression.  This is how most people ‘see’ you in the world.  The World card is known for its ability to endure and support many complex systems.  With The World card representing your Outer Expression enhance your natural ability to work with boundary-less concepts across the board.  Know that you cast a wide net.  Keep sight of intensely wringing your sponge often to enhance and reinforce clear expressions without unnecessary inclusions.

The Hanged Man represents your Added Incentive.  This is a card of being afloat in clarity, and what many call enlightenment.  When The Hanged Man is part of your Added Incentive you can expect to feel clear and comfortable in most any situation in your life.

The Empress represents your Inner Expression.  This is a side of you that only your closest family and friends ‘see’.  The Empress as your Inner Expression symbolizes that you nurture abundance as you carry things to full term.  You have an ability to be the consummate, soulful gardener of your life.  Your vast strength comes from within.

And, to simply return to the Prelude . . . the 3’s Birth Card Prelude: With The World ~ The Hanged Man ~ The Empress as your Birth Cards you have abilities to feel expansively afloat in clarity as you abundantly carry things to full term, and I would like to show this again to show how simple this simple Prelude statement expresses the 3 characters as facets of one personality . . . how simple something that is both integrative AND expansive can be:

The World ~ You have abilities to expansively

The Hanged Man ~ feel afloat in clarity

The Empress ~ as you abundantly carry things to full term.

Putting them back together again: You have abilities to feel expansively afloat in clarity as you abundantly carry things to full term.  Enjoy your Birth Card Prelude as the cadence of a heartbeat to energize the things you do.  Have a depthful blast creating and making your own.  Have your ideas, and then put them together just so in just Your way!
I hope you have enjoyed this blog, and find it useful in your process as you further enhance and freely emancipate your own, personal Tarot voice!

Jupiter’s Blessings from The Land of Mystereum,
Jordan Hoggard

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