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Tarot. Mystereum. The Presence of The Moon

The Presence of The Moon in The Land of Mystereum

The Moon plays 17 parts in The Land of Mystereum, 17 very specifically different roles.  This came about from a nod to the importance of the moon in half of our everyday life, as a nod to mystery and light from unseen sources, and from those times when the moon is more than half of our everyday life when it ventures out as a day sky moon.  Enjoy the path of the moon in your own life as you explore the adventures that The Moon takes throughout The Land of Mystereum.

1. The XVIII The Moon appearance.  The Moon of course appears first as itself.  Well, no it doesn’t. Interesting, The Moon doesn’t appear first as itself.  The Moon began in The High Priestess which pays an homage to The Moon receiving its light from an unseen source, its true nature only discovered later.  Here the Priestess returns to emanate herself from the Lotus flower as a sacred gesture of welcoming The Moon to take its place and live in its natural, archetypal home.

vision, genius, madness, poetry, illumination from unseen sources, powerfully intense reflection

vision, genius, madness, poetry, illumination from unseen sources, powerfully intense reflection

2. The I Magician appearance.  The Moon appears in The Magician as a solar eclipse, or is it an inner eclipse inside the sun of the Magician’s Self?

Notice the eclipse WITHIN the sun, and the magically watching eye-wings as vision to take you new places... focus so intense that it dilates time to open

Notice the eclipse WITHIN the sun, and the magically watching eye-wings as vision to take you new places… focus so intense that it dilates time to open

3. The II High Priestess appearance.  The Moon appears in the High Priestess’ Drawing Down the Moon ritual.  I found this archetypally interesting from a deck creation perspective, as when creating the cards the Moon won’t exist yet for another 16 cards… until it does, and then it does.

intuition, forming, giving form to the formless, conception (to the Mag's inception), fully grounded out-of-body experiences as a matter of course naturally

intuition, forming, giving form to the formless, conception (to the Mag’s inception), fully grounded out-of-body experiences as a matter of course naturally

4. The V Hierophant appearance.  The Moon begins to rise over the pyramid.  Is the Hierophant in front of the pyramid?  Or, is he within the pyramid and we see silent waters swum running deep both from and below him?  Is that a UFO up there? Well, look at that.  And, the UFO is.. oh, look at that… it’s actually built OF these little people. I guess a down-to-earth spirit flies its own craft.

Notice all the little people up and down HieroDood... wisdom, new spirit, activation, down-to-earth spirit

Notice all the little people up and down HieroDood… wisdom, new spirit, activation, down-to-earth spirit

5. The IX Hermit appearance.  The Moon is Full behind The Hermit’s vision that puzzle-pieces the night and day sky together.

Memory illuminating forward, inner light, perspective from experience, silent awareness

Memory illuminating forward, inner light, perspective from experience, silent awareness

6. The X Wheel appearance.  The Crescent Moon parses out golden sunlight as it imprints its Full Moon symbol at the top of The Wheel’s wheel.  I wonder with those lavender sky-rings… Are we in the world under The Hanged Man or the Ace of Wands here?

epochal-cycle, Om--Libra-ohm punning,  complete cycles, full orbits, luck

epochal-cycle, Om–Libra-ohm punning, complete cycles, full orbits, luck

7. The XVI Tower appearance.  The Moon peeks in. Front row Box seats for The Moon as The Fool returns to a home riding his Golden Pillars of the Fabric of life.  The Moon has a front row seat as The Fool reurns to a home growing wildly out of control to lightning-speak the truth and blast it to the ground fertilizing The Phoenix.  Wait.  What is that coming out of the lightning truth emerging out of The Tower below?  My my. That’s no fiery Phoenix.  That’s The Chariot character!  Go figure a Birth Card Brother would come out of something as powerful as the Fool’s labor in this birth.  Guess The Fool knew the Tower wanted a brother, huh?  Hmmm, maybe not a Tower’s brother at all.  It’s YOU, only NEW that comes out the other side of this.

big change, world-altering, emancipating

big change, world-altering, emancipating

8. The XIX Sun appearance.  The Moon, again eclipsed in The Sun as with The Magician above.  The powerful lunar eclipse AS the Sun’s 3rd eye, AS the 3rd Eye of Identity. As your identity becomes focused, your intuition emanates more strongly.  With these two working together naturally, odds are you are an Oracle.

who you were when you were born, Self, return, identity, bright success in context

who you were when you were born, Self, return, identity, bright success in context

9. The Ace of Wands appearance.  The Ace of Wands Hermit-Vision opens up the night to flow into the day with depth as The Moon synchromeshes side by side with the Sun across the twilight that this Ace of Wand’s Hermit-Vision has magically made.

Shakin'Your Inner Booty scribes a new world, new life, place-making, enthusiasm

Shakin’Your Inner Booty scribes a new world, new life, place-making, enthusiasm

10. The 2 of Wands appearance.  The Moon is a day sky moon.  And, fractally faceted all over the… WAIT!  There are so many moons in the night sky.  Whatever is one to do?  That’s confusing!  That’s what the Moon is here for.  Here, the Moon visually dispells madness so that one may choose the best energy for themself, so that…. The Moon is here in the Ace of Wands to visually dispel madness so that one can see not to make lots of little things appear like one, big thing.  This is energetic decision-time here.  The word is “unconfusion.”

the savante of Self along the curved arc forming the circle for the first time. Beware perceiving many little things as one big thing. Let those infinite many mini-chords be the experience of a curved arc until...

the savante of Self along the curved arc forming the circle for the first time. Beware perceiving many little things as one big thing. Let those infinite many mini-chords be the experience of a curved arc until…

11. The 6 of Wands appearance.  The Moon along with the Priestess arrive to 6’s-style cascade an exchange of energies to re-resonate these Wands now past their half-way point along your particular adventure.

victory, glory, overcoming obstacles so new energies cascade in

victory, glory, overcoming obstacles so new energies cascade in

12. The 7 of Wands appearance.  There is high noon when the Western gunfights happened.  Here their is high moon when the time to go in headlong regardless of the odds presents itself.  Why would gunfights be at high noon you might curiously ask?  Never read this anywhere, though not casting shadows is a great way to see exactly who is faster and more accurate.  Shadows are longer and longer one way or the other depending on how far away they are from noon.  That would also mean they move faster than YOU actually move making them.  Kind of like your hand and elbow.  Place your hand on your chest.  Now, extend your hand and stretch out your arm all the way.  Look at that!  Your hand went twice as far as your elbow in the same amount of time.  Your hand would be the shadow at any time other than noon.  Talk about subtle movements turning into being full-on telegraphed.  Justice at high noon as the speed is what it is without distorting factors… then there’s the accuracy.  The intuition of this Moon lights the way through the path of the odds here.

decisive action, strategies, taking charge, going in regardless of the odds

decisive action, strategies, taking charge, going in regardless of the odds

13. The 8 of Wands appearance.  The Moon in the 8 of Wands.  Field sports?  A ball flying through the air?  Things are up in the air in a positive way… like moonbeams. 8’s are like an open and expansive plateau.  Open your hands to BE the infinity of receiving, your palms AS the plateau.

up in the air in a positive way like moonbeams, energy across a plateau like field sports

up in the air in a positive way like moonbeams, energy across a plateau like field sports

14. The 9 of Wands appearance.  The preparation is complete with the 9 of Wands.  A single barn truss stands. As people arrive, they bring their own, and another, and another.  Son, a long-house is created, the long-house of a get-together.  The Moonlights the place where this preparation has been completion.  “Ding dong” you hear. Get the door.  Time to get the party started!

preparation complete, pregnant pause, commencement

preparation complete, pregnant pause, commencement

15. The 10 of Wands appearance.  The Moon appears as the eye of the cockatiel, the interested cockatiel with raised headfeathers.  The Moon is in the 10 of Wands sights, the Sun brightening the unknown behind him.  He himself, between the Sun and the Moon IS himself the magical twilight of the space between.  He himself IS the Psychic Synapse. The Moon is here to play its part dancing with the Sun to create the magical twilight for this Cirque du Soleil character to inhabit.

balanced courage, agility, grace with all you carry

balanced courage, agility, grace with all you carry

16. The Page of Wands appearance.  The Moon… so far away yet touching his left hand.  It’s a critical touch to have in a strong situation like this where the Hierophant lives on one side of this Page’s wand fully infusing the it, and Strength lives on the other side of it doing much the same… both giving and receiving through the Page’s wand at one and the same time.

rush of excitement, adventure, risk

rush of excitement, adventure, risk

17. The Knight of Wands appearance.  The Moon IS this newborn’s vision, the vision of this Knight upon awakening.  The Moon informing him to make his wand into egg teeth and crack-hatch from this house.  The crack and broken house are not hard-to-mend damage.  They indicate an awakening, an energetic awakening opening up more naturally to oneself while on the move.  Knights realize things atop their horse rather than atop their tatami mats.  The house of this Knight’s experiences did not build his character.  They warmed him to reveal it.

unfamiliar actions, strangely highlighted energies in feelings, awakening, regally emerging anew in playful ways

unfamiliar actions, strangely highlighted energies in feelings, awakening, regally emerging anew in playful ways

Hope you have enjoyed this segment of the “Presence of” series

Hope you have enjoyed this segment of The Land of Mystereum Image Lineage as part of “The Presence Of” series where Major Arcana characters make a variety of appearance both bold and subtle throughout The Land of Mystereum!

Till Next Time.

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All images and text (c)2010, 2011 Jordan Hoggard

(c) 2013 Jordan Hoggard

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Tarot. The First Circle Was Not A Circle At All

The First Circle Was Not A Circle At All…

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It was an uroburos, head bite-touching the origin of its tail 
for just an archetypal         
nano-split second until that quark of an archetype 
embedded itself within  
just as quickly to disappear to become...
a circle with no beginning and no end...
with mystery intact living within it.

Drawing a circle with a compass slowly is like... 
is like unfolding a watch's movements
gears stretching their stationary orbiting
to slow-slingshot outwards while still engaged
becoming time-telling fractalled facets
not infinite facets on a finite sphere
as they shift focus and redirect scale 
in a constantly continuous manner consistently
such as when drawing a perfect circle 
by hand without a compass
for to draw a perfect circle
one must be able to dancingly integrate
the circular branch nature 
of the relatedness of things
even if 
simply related by adjacency or infinity of non sequitur
so as not to distract the focus of the drawing
of a perfect circle
in one
continuous stroke
as a perfect circle
is composed of an infinite number
of mini-chord lengths
each just longer than a point 
while changing direction continuously.

That is the alleged difficulty of drawing a perfect circle 
by hand sans compass
being comfortable enough with planning to be able to be even more
comfortable with the forgetting for getting
within and about to orbit in a naturally moving not-knowing
conscious of the feeling
though again transcending 
the step-off-the-path-never-stepping-off-the-path
of the circular branch
simply having the circular branch integrated 
as dog-eared and well-worn experience

being comfortable enough with planning 
to be able to be even more comfortable with the forgetting 
for getting within and about to orbit 
in a naturally moving not-knowing
living right in the tip of the pencil
tough again transcending the steps of the circular branch
to dance continuously changing direction 
naturally always changing
direction naturally moving
The circle may have no beginning and no end 
once it is drawn 
or drafted
or delineated
or rendered.

While drawing it, though, 
whether with a compass or freehand
infinity naturally dwells 
in the feelingsense of the action
prefiguring the nano-split second uroburos archetype 
to quark in and then embed within the chthonic reaches of it
each and every time a circle is drawn.
Do it long enough 
and simply thinking about your compass will do it.

I can call the Self, Chthonic Numinosity.  
I can call it The Temple in (Wo)Man.
The Temple of (Wo)Man. Neverminding that pedant statement

The first circle was not a circle at all. 
It was an arced freehand line completing itself, 
a curved compass line touching its beginning 
to overlap with seamless segue
where no knowing was required, 
and the very act of lead passing over 
onto its own lead arced-line origins,
formed knowing as the head of the snake as it touch-bit its tail
becoming an archetypal figure
that disappeared just as fast within itself
as it moved inside the line as chthonic heartbeat
full and pure in the unconscious depths Shadow lands,
living as mystery within, a fitting resident for the darkness.

The first circle was not a circle at all
when the inner journey of The Hermit
opened his eyes to unfurl and sail on the mysteries
as he noticed his first steps
and fully engaged the big picture
by focusing so intensely on the detail that time dilated
to be so big and so there 
as to disappear and birth an archetype in the aftershock of the moment
of The Hermit
noticing his feet
meeting The Wheel.

And, another day the serpent within squirmed and twisted over.
The aftershocks of the inner movement twisted the circle,
twisted the circle into infinity,
and the lemniscate was formed.

And, you thought drawing with a compass 
was just going in circles. Ha!
It is why I like Grand Prix F1 over Indy.
I like to do more than turn left all day.
Oh, enjoy that factually fractally faceted circular branch.
And, draw a circle slowly a million times.  
At least take out your compass
and draw several circles slowly 
while fascinating your self with the curved arc
continuously changin direction and especially the place
where the lead touching the paper touches its beginning.

I guess that going to the office 
to draft my own plans for decades actually served a purpose.
I got a single blog out of it. I rather like that.
Hidden within that, though, is a blessing...
the blessing of drawing circles by hand 
and with a compass as a guide
for 3.1 decades. 
This thought was always in there.
This thought was always in there, 
and I was conscious of it every time.
It was in there both consciously and unconsciously 
rattling around in there rattling around 
as my temples flexed knowing something was there
and simply Hermit to Wheel experiencing it...
until today I hadn't written it down.
Strange how deadlines met are met 
yet still take idea-casualties.
Plus, when drawing a circle with a compass,
you don't punctuate the arc while doing so.
Breath does that for you. 
And, there's your rationale 
for me waiting to start punctuating this
until I made drew the circle.
When drawing a circle with a compass,
you don't punctuate the arc while doing so,
until you have, and then you do. It's called dimensioning.
Center location.
Radius dimension.
Angle of arc if not a full circle.
Try it. Be aware of your breath while scribing a circle with a compass. You might want to practice first, though, by patting your head while rubbing your tummy. Have a great one! Scribe ON!

The Circle was born when…

Circle was born for all time timelessly without beginning or end at that point in time hidden in the compass swinging the arc when the curved line touches and lead passes over its own Self lead origins…. at which point in time The Hermit, becoming aware of his steps and seeing his first steps and the familiar surroundings differently, meets The Wheel… at which point in time The Hermit meets The Wheel.

And Hermit to Wheel, 9 to 10, uroburically births an IDENTITY

9 Nines: XVIII Moon ~ IX Hermit

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That’s it for today.  Ciao for now.  Till next time.

Oh, Identity. The uroburos. Let identity be embedded, though don’t let it disappear. I really should come up with a relevant card for this uroburos and identity thingamabobbadoodle… OH!  Silly me.

who you were when you were born, Self, return, identity, bright success in context

who you were when you were born, Self, return, identity, bright success in context


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Weekly Mystereum TarotScopes for June 23 to June 29

Your Mystereum TarotScopes ~ for June 23 to June 29, 2013

Here is the featured video for the week to extend your Tarot voice and story experience.

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Mystereum TarotScopes

Cancer: June 21 – July 22 ~ 3 of Cups

Cancer, This week you may feel epic exchanges in groups at a detail level.  Be mindful of scale this week, though.  A detail could be considered to be one, super moon in the night sky.  Look for those things that really stand out in your conversations and tailor your focus to resonate fully with them.  This week the chocolate sprinkles may be more important than the cake, and lead you to manifest a new cake for the detail-like sprinkles.  That may sound a bit WHAT?!!! to you Cancer, though your Divinity in the Details Spidey Sense will serve you better this week if you work more to experience things than explain them. Stop taking notes when you meet someone for coffee.  And, especially this week, remember that listening is not chomping at the bit waiting to talk.  Listen.  Listen for the super moon in the night sky in each and every conversation. Your treasure chest seems to be emptied out all over the place this week.  Pick up your gold and jewels one by one as you move along this week.  They each may have partnered up with new ones.  Use that to your advantage even if for but a smile.

celebration, dancing, play

celebration, dancing, play

Leo: July 23 to August 22 ~ XI Strength

Leo, Your natural voice will have a tendency to unbutton problems this week allowing the heart of the matter to pulse more evidently in the things you are doing.  Work the core of your problems and not their edges.  Partner with the identity of each idea rather than its fashion.  This week your senses may be perked to a point where your own voice itself is the mouthpiece for your inner animal or inner animal totem. Mind that your actions and words are no more embellished than an animal in the forest’s would be.  You are dealing with more strength than you may be aware of this week, so mind that, too.  Express your strong enough to be gentle side so as not to be heavy-handed.  Others may be as sensitive as you are aware this week.  Simply take care to take you time and act as naturally, or do nothing as naturally, as an animal in the forest.  Your natural inner voice feels to be seamlessly synchromeshed this week.  Speak from the signal and not from the noise.  Speak only to the heart of the matter regardless of how mundane or miniscule it is.  Heck, if the parking meter is broken and won’t take your quarter, know that the new parking place you find will somehow be more worth the time. Be fluid, though don;t go with the flow.  New life comes from things swimming upstream.  Make some new life with your voice this week.

self-control, natural voice, simplicity

self-control, natural voice, simplicity

Virgo: August 23 to September 22 ~ 7 of Swords

Virgo, There is something hiding in plain sight for you this week.  The 7’s tend to be a chaos kind of number, and coupled with the ideas and mind and intellect of the Swords you may feel out in a hail storm without a kevlar umbrella and armor.  Like the Shadow Hand hiding in plain sight in this 7 of Swords card image, look for those subtle and powerful things in your mix that are simply waiting for you to notice them to guide your perspective to air traffic control the chaos as a pilot controlling the air traffic control tower.  Get thee to the subtle and powerful place that is hiding in plain sight for a new perspective.  If you have been waiting for a check-up on something, don’t hesitate any longer.  Knowledge is power for you this week more than most.  Visualize your health as integrated armor, and take several actions to take better care of it.  Your health may be weakening the wits and constitution that are usually your best intellectual stand-and-deliver asset.  What are the coups you’ve made over the last several weeks?  Open up more to those and pfffftt to the rest.  This week it may feel like you are overly sensitive like when moving into a new place and there is so much additional to do in addition to what normally needs to be done and STILL needs to get completed.  You may do well to delegate some of the chaos to someone else who might just play with it this week. It might lessen the load, and serve up a new perspective where you start to instantly see the powerful things hiding in plain sight.

Shadow Hand, devious, sneaky, hiding in plain sight

Shadow Hand, devious, sneaky, hiding in plain sight

Libra: September 23 to October 22 ~ 3 of Swords

Libra, It seems that you may have been dealt some emotional distortion or emotional refraction this week like a twig seeming to be bent when submerged in water.  Play an emotional Sesame Street game across the week singing out loud or to yourself, “Which one doesn’t look like all the rest of them?”  And, pull out and toss those things to clear up your emotional water.  Don;t haggle or argue or reason with these things as their reasons will probably be unreasonable, and doing so will tend to rehydrate them and strengthen their grip.  Simply toss ’em and forget ’em.  No matter if you don;t like to forget or can’t do so.  In that case forgive and expand as you HURL them way over out of sight, or simply plunk them in the trashcan.  You might find yourself taking out the trash more than usual this week.  If so, don’t let it build up.  Simply take it out each time you are leaving your place to go somewhere so when you come back it is already not in your inner environment.  You can build a mountain a grain of sand at a time.  And, like a merry ant, you can take one down a grain at a time just as effectively.  Don;t look at the finish line this week.  Keep up the discipline of your rituals this week,so that each thing you do that is positive has the potential to silently remove something negative in your personal environment. Allow the things you do to contribute to effectiveness and workability this week while not even noticing the things that have been taken out so they won;t just as incrementally keep up to undermine your progress.

Stormy sky in the heart, emotional refraction, as a twig bent in water pull out the distortion irritating you

Stormy sky in the heart, emotional refraction, as a twig bent in water pull out the distortion irritating you

Scorpio: October 23 to November 21 ~ 5 of Cups

Scorpio, Have you been hanging back out of the fray for a while now? It’s understandable with the emotional weather that keeps coming back up over and over.  Begin to hang out and study your surroundings, though. Is it you that is having emotional weather? Or, are there some assholes in your mix that just keep the pot stirred?  Look around through the weather to see if their is a treasure whispering to you through the goes-to-11 volume of the storm, like a cat meowing with no sound which can magnetize you right to it.  Stay hanging back, though scoop up and embrace this treasure.  The storm may have been looking for it, too, though missing it because it’s well, stormy.  Scoop up whatever it is, and the weather may clear.  No need to land things this week.  Simply make sure you discover and keep aware of the treasure points you encounter this week.  They will serve you well the next time inner torrential is really taking outside things too personally.

hidden treasure in emotional weather

hidden treasure in emotional weather

Sagittarius: November 22 to December 21 ~ 9 of Wands (Pentacles video in link for 9’s thoughts for you to apply)

Sagittarius, It has been a long haul and a slow go and and over and over when is this going to end time in regards to something in your mix. Not anymore.  This week you may notice that your wits and constitution and endurance have stayed the course and are opening up new horizons and profitable avenues.  The moon is more important to thank than the sun this week, so each day note which sign it is in and go ahead and read that one, too.  It will be a week of astro-sign-dancing… a lot like RiverDance though much less repetitive.  Let the sparkle of newness light up your days.  It feels that surely the when-it-rains-it-pours concept is nudging up to your success. Do not be too concerned about boundaries this week.  Bluster will pull these new things away faster than coral into its shell when surprised.  If something bothers you, respond with humor. It’ll be clear that their was a mis-step, though there also may be a two-way street of laughter that serves you both well in ways that expand from that little detail of a laugh. A lot is coming your way, and your preparation is complete. Get comfortable with your schedule book again as soon you are going to need to be very conscious to NOT be an airline and overbook.  Avoid making waiting lists.  Your schedule is what it is this week.  Make it yours entirely.

preparation complete, pregnant pause, commencement

preparation complete, pregnant pause, commencement

Capricorn: December 22 to January 19 ~ 6 of Wands

Capricorn, You may feel a new kind of healthy energy exchange this week as an outside source feels to synchromesh right into your gears.  Allow the newfound juice to strengthen an effortlessness of moving you along.  You probably don’t reason with the gas tank in your car or the pedals on your bike and simply let them make it go, right?  This week it is most important that you don’t delegate to ease the load.  This week it is more important that you embrace receiving this new energy source to contribute to the power of the ease of your movement.  Trust the gas tank and step on it.  Trust the cranks on your bike and use a higher gear.  You do not need to go terribly fast this week.  I would advise that you take all the help you can get that is beneficial. It will ease your load, allow you to go the same speed with less effort, and potentially open you up to see things you might have otherwise missed that you can also bring in to your benefit this week.

victory, glory, overcoming obstacles, healthy energetic exchange

victory, glory, overcoming obstacles, healthy energetic exchange

Aquarius: January 20 to February 18 ~ 6 of Cups

Aquarius, Well, it seems you may have set yourself straight recently on the emotional side of things.  That preparation has made you are ready for the emotional exchange that is coming into your mix.  That self-regulations you have recently done tuned your gears for more emotional focus and clarity as new things that potentially influence you arrive. Do what you can to make things into celebrations this week, and at the very least memorable to keep them fresh and progressing effectively.  It certainly won;t be all business for you, so keep that sparkle in your eye and let it infuse your business meetings, too. The pick-me-up may just energize the rest of the people in the meeting to come to the table more, literally.  Don’t be surprised when things sync up as easily and awesomely as two glasses clinking and singing when held by the stem.  Try it.  You may find a whole new way of bringing things together this week both inside and about.

adjustments, balanced feelings, sharing

adjustments, balanced feelings, sharing

Pisces: February 19 to March 20 ~ King of Cups

Pisces, This week you will probably feel more comfortable leading from emotion than reason.  Do it like a king.  They don;t explain themselves, and no-one asks them to do so.  They act infused with what has driven them to act.  They speak from the place beyond belief that lives in invigoration.  Use your emotions this week naturally like a king would do so.  Nothing more than necessary this week, and nothing less.  Be the bee.  Flower to flower for life, get things done here and there as you do this week minding to tend to your whole garden.  There are a lot of flowers that need to be tended to, though go one by one, and fully focus on each step, and step by step this week may expand your horizons like you are a conductor who has walked through the orchestra instrument by instrument until they are all perfectly tuned.  Don’t swipe your baton down so to speak until all the pieces are in place, and properly in place in a quality manner. Your emotional comfort this week is to be respected, and also taken care of by not letting rushes or drags or sharps or flats irritate it.

supportive, inner prosperity, meaningful conversations, fulfillment naturally leading

supportive, inner prosperity, meaningful conversations, fulfillment naturally leading

Aries: March 21 to April 19 ~ Ace of Swords

Aries, This week feels to be full of choices for you, maybe even over-full.  Mind that you stick to your point or the point this week, though.  There will be a lot of potential distractions in the stormy weather of people and thoughts around you.  Simply let the weather wash through as you continue to embrace and stick to your point.  You have a short TartoScope this week, as that is the point.  Serve yourself best by sticking to your point and keeping it fresh with humor.

sticking to the point, cutting through, quickening in the quenching

sticking to the point, cutting through, quickening in the quenching

Taurus: April 20 to May 20 ~ The Fool

Taurus, Well, it’s time isn’t it?  Have you been eyeing something or angling a presentation to accomplish something? Now is the time to transform yourself into a Super Neuron, much better than a moron, and jump that synapse invisi-bridge to the other neuron’s side and land it rockin’ly to connect the dots. Dock your ship.  Land your plane.  Land that job or presentation right on the money.  It’s your week to go into the wild-blue yonder of securing a new gig by simply stepping past the stacked-stone trail marker onto the path.  If you are still on the same path, pause and stack some stones and make a milestone-in-the-moment trail marker for your natural next step to cross.  Yeah yeah Taurus, it IS silly.  And, that’s kind of the point.  It is not as silly as you pacing back and forth until you start the presentation, though, right?  Mind your moments this week as many if not most of them will be positioning you to place yourself more securely into more successful arenas.  

Twinkle-finger-toe Crab-walking Across Fabric, journey, natural expression, new directions, energetic bridges

Twinkle-finger-toe Crab-walking Across Fabric, journey, natural expression, new directions, energetic bridges

Gemini: May 21 – June 20 ~ XVIII The Moon

Gemini, Super Moon this week just after Solstice and YOU get the Moon? If that doesn’t rock, I don;t know what does.  Your cycles may be amped to the extreme this week, so though you may naturally go go go, make sure to keep water on hand and take care of yourself. No working through lunch this week.  No skipping breakfast.  You are almost going to need mid-air refueling with all the things you can juggle this week.  I advise, though to take to 15 to 30 minutes and pause and only eat when you are eating and savor each bite.  Heck, even put your fork down until you have finished chewing each bite.  Your sustenance this week needs to be more than on par with the magnetic movements of your orbiting around here and there. Take your sustenance seriously, one bite at a time… much like one zipping orbit at a time to the next.  You are a force this week.  Be aware not to make others into speedbumps.  Try them as cones and do a little slalom course as you zip about here and there.  You may simply be on the phone all week, so keep your cord untangled or your charger handy.  You don;t drive the car while you are filling it, though.  Like your meals, don;t use your phone while you are charging it. I won’t go into urban legends about that.  This week you don’t need Snopes to know that being fully present in your body at each and every focus, meeting, or encounter will naturally make the ebb and flow you need to reap the treasures on your beach.

vision, genius, madness, poetry, reflections from an unseen source

vision, genius, madness, poetry, reflections from an unseen source

Best to all of your Mystereum TarotScopes enhancing your week!  Till next time.

Remember, even in a card with no people, there is always one… You looking in through the portal.

Summer Solstice Salutations and Best to Your Week!

Enjoy a playful experience on the Solstice, Friday the 21st, under the Sagittarius moon. Allow your Solstice to become a Psychic Synapse Bridge, a memorable milestone fully venturing you across into a new part of the year.

  Tarot in the Land of Mystereum.  Tarot voice and stories.  The place where cards literally speak to you.  Mystereum.  It’s all about discovering your Inner Inheritances.  Always complete, never finished. Always complete, never finished.

“Adversity does not build character.  It reveals it.” ~ James Lane Allen

(c) 2013 Jordan Hoggard

All images (c) 2010 Jordan Hoggard

Mystereum Video Channel. Short, upbeat, and informative Mystereum Tarot Moments videos

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Monday Mystereum Tarot Mayhem

Monday Mystereum Tarot Mayhem

Monday Mystereum Tarot Mayhem

So, if you are similar to me and a lot of other Tarot readers, sometimes we see and read things in simple images, in a tree, in a group of people.  Well, I thought, what the heck, it’s Monday and I woke up on the bright side.  Why not read the 1st 5 spams in my spam email folder.  Heck, they’re free.

Spam Email As Alchemy? Serendipitous inquiries?  Sure!

So, here is my reading of the 1st five spam emails that were in my spam folder this morning.

Card 1 ~ Male Enhancement.  Do you want to increase your ejaculate volume?

10 of Pentacles

  • The 10 of Pentacles indicates prosperity and close relationships. A love of inheritances is also indicated. . .the kind you were born with! YOU! Practical stability and the tangibly material, physical world may be vibrantly infusing your intuition. Meld close relationships and prosperity. Enjoy this time of ties and enrichment where you celebrate your inborn inheritances!
  • So, it is indicated to be waaaayyyyy better to view my relationship with myself and others AS a form of prosperity, and be good with the solidity of what I have.
  • Alternate reading = You have plenty. If you want to enhance something, take wallet-enhancer pills.

Card 2 ~ Easy Insurance. Do you need a $250k life insurance policy?

10 of Wands

  • The 10 of Wands indicates courage shown along your path. There is an agility and a wonderfully strong balance of all you carry indicated. Here you may easily tow everything with the grace of your own body. Each twilight sky prefigures the coming of the night just as dawn loves the promise of the coming day. Love your wonderful new challenges as the twilight and dawn love the night and the day!
  • Notice you are carrying 10 wands and moving forward.  Heck, carrying 10 wands without dropping them is a feat in itself.  No matter the precarious nature of your balance, keep your energy moving forward without adding anything.  You have a complete bundle already.  So, nope, thanks for the offer.

Card 3 ~ Yaz Injury.

What?!! Yaz? I LOVED that band in the 80’s! “Only You” off of “Upstairs At Eric’s” is still the bees knees all pollinated n stuff.  Ok Ok, back to playing along, I’ll pull a card

Queen of Cups

    • The Queen of Cups indicates harmony in your emotional and intuitive realms. Relying on inner guidance and a flowing inner perspective that is thick and rich is also indicated. Your natural leadership is taking charge in matters of your inner life. Draw upon the wisdom of the ages with your emotions. This is a time when your strong imagination and creativity may sense hidden depths not readily apparent! Expressing your emotions confidently is indicated at this time.
    • So, thanks for the offer, but I think I’ll worry not a bit about injury regardless of what you name it, and concern myself more with going to YouTube and listening to “Only You” from “Upstairs at Eric’s.” I won’t use 20/20 hindsight, though . . . the head in butt vision.  You tend to bump into stuff in that Yoga posture. Plus, it’s dark and hard to see.  Eyes are open even if behind a blindfold.  Trust your vision and you’ll avoid injury.

Card 4 ~ Affordable Health Rates. Insurance killing your wallet?

10 of Swords

  • The 10 of Swords indicates ruin and anguish, both physical pain and otherwise. Also indicated is letting yourself know that the worst has already passed. Rock bottom is a strong place to stand. Look up! Anything visible is probably something better, You have pulled through. take a big breath. Phewww!
  • So, the dog days of doing that are over.  Anything looks better from here!  I’ll look for those wallet enhancer pills instead.

Card 5 ~ Your Faith And Love In One. Do you know how to meet Christian Singles?

4 of Cups

  • The 4 of Cups indicates seeing one’s desires manifesting in the first signs of their success. Good fortune and good luck are also indicated. A pause is indicated which can be seen as stagnation on one hand. On the other hand, though, there is a still and powerful observation present out of a thorough responsibility to what is being done at this time. Focus your sense of responsibility at this time that is indicated to be thorough and inherent.
  • Hmmm, 4’s would indicate to stop worrying about the labels and live instead. Look at the new Cup born of the volcano.  A treasure of the earth!  Grapes come to mind.  Hmmm, thinking about communion and singing, “la la la they drink grape juice and I drink wine . . . Thank God I’m a Methodist.”  WAIT!  Phew! I USED to be.  No Welches in sight, but who’s SHE?!!

Thanks for playing along on today’s Monday Mystereum Tarot Mayhem!

Have a great week!

Mystereum at MyDivination! 

Tomorrow will be eTarot For Tips Tuesday!

All images and text (c)2010, 2011, 2012 Jordan Hoggard

Tarot in the Land of Mystereum is available signed by the author at

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Tarot. Sunday Services. Moon and Temperance

Tarot. Sunday Services. Moon and Temperance

Sunday Services . . .

Short thoughts and visual arias on cards

The Moon and Temperance

May your intuition, your imagination, and your inner life reflect your identity as a key to the treasure of your magical, bad-ass self.

Best to your own alchemical team 

magically mixing where there are no cheap-seats in your game of life.  Play well.  Play with the vibrant motions and emotions informing your intuition from The Moon and Temperance as teammates. Play with the vibrant strength of their inner motion YOUR WAY!

May the magical space between day and night that is twilight

also be a magical, continual space between above and below like the magical mixing enhancing strong identities that is Temperance.  May twilight remind you of the unseen and unmoved mover, and resonate through and through like the invigorating experience of a field of sunflowers.

Have a great rest of the weekend and a great week!

All images and text (c)2010, 2011, 2012 Jordan Hoggard

Tarot in the Land of Mystereum is available signed by the author at

There are only four 1.5″ x 2.5″ copper Tarot Birth Card pieces of magic left at

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Tarot Full Moon By Candlelight

Mapping Mystereum: The Moon

There are 21 appearances of the moon in The Land of Mystereum, and for this full moon in Cancer, I will begin my TarotVerse (c) series with The Moon.  TarotVerse will start out as writing 4 lines of verse catalyzed by The Moon related to each card it appears in throughout The Land of Mystereum.  A 4-line stanza for each of its appearances will compose poetry that I call TarotVerse.  TarotVerse for Your Universe.  Enjoy!  The Land of Mystereum is about enhancing your life, you inner inheritances, your way.  Here’s to a full moon and Your Life, Your Way.

Mapping The Moon in the Land of Mystereum (21 appearances)

===> Major card presence (9): Moon, Fool (viewing earth FROM the moon after a little jump), Magician, High Priestess, Hermit, Wheel, Death, Temperance, Tower.

===> Minor card presence (12): Wands: Ace, 2, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Page, Knight.  Queen of Swords.  9 of Pentacles (Howling at), Page of Pentacles.

===> link to 9’s Birth Card blog:

===> link to 9 of Pentacles video about a natural folding over, much as the moon reflects the sun.  Reflection and flipping perspective as moon and sun, Moon and Sun: 




Full Moon By Candlelight

21 TarotVerses: The Moon in The Land of Mystereum


The Fool lights the candle of twilight, of magical twilight,

the twilight dusk, the space between day and night, twilight dawn between night and day.

The Fool twinkle-finger-toe crabwalks on the Fabric of day, gazing, emanating, pulsing, within and about,

slowly terraforming the unseen night to rise up and support each new step.


The Magician, shoots a star across the black crucible of an unseen night-sky,

shoots an unseen star 1st-sparking, creating the dusk to further itself towards night.

Focusing his not-knowing, forming the unseen night-sky in his shooting star inception,

The Magician, unbagging for The Fool, incepts . . . unfolds the formlessness of the night from dusk.


The High Priestess, taking care with Mag-inception, conceives,

gifts form to the formless, outs together from unseen formlessness, makes form.

Giving The Moon,

The High Priestess gifts the mysteries of the moon to draw down, to fly the night.


The Hermit stands in flowing robes, stands to pulse-jump scale.

Eyes resonating into the unconscious like glowing fish from the deep, he pulse-jumps the Universe flowing like robes into full darkness,

a mystery of feelingsense of Priestess-made moonlight behind him, Priestess made moonlight now a small lantern.

Momentum is re-orchestrated.  His inner infinity emanating, a simple lantern lit has his back, microcosms his entirety.


The Wheel cycles the moon across the night between the days.

Magically marking its laps in twilight, twilight dusk and twilight dawn,

The Wheel flows mountain snow down to run the river,

an hourglass, a Yoniverse of time


to Die every moment into the next, transforming, transforming the perpetual present into,

into prescient remembrance, prescient remembrance of what has been has always been,

what is has always been, and what will be has always been.

The perpetual present as prescient remembrance, each birth is brilliant in its age,


as Temperance magically mixes fully resonant moonlight with deep night,

ecstatic magic in a simple Temperance pour dancing so far into the dark as to become light,

so far into the light as to become dark. 2 magical twilight cups, 2 bridges

A cup of dawn, a cup of dusk, Temperance living in the magic of the twilight of both.


The Tower blasts open the remembrance of day in glowing night eyes,

blasts open rigidity, blasts open you, to become new staring at the full moon.

You, in darkness, Tower-ed,

moving to a new dance in moonlight.


An Ace of Wands star catches your eye, cracks open the black crucible of night,

cracks open a now-not-silver-sliver, now a full-born silver full moon.

The Hermit’s mysteries now energize new places to emanate.  A staff is placed.

Feeling the mystery, the not-knowing focused, a staff is emphatically placed . . .


where a simple savante stumbles up as the 2 of Wands stumble-falling,

stumblefalling drunk on ambivalence in this new place with no reference,

as the fading, though resonant, remembrance of the staff speaks, speaks . . .

“Do not be confused by seeing many little things as one, big thing. Look up from this new place this night!”


The full moon exchanges the ambivalence, 6 of Wands cascading, drawing down new energies,

new energies unseen in the night,

new energies cascade an exchange from the black crucible of the night sky.

The cup of psyche opens bright eyes to fill with the full moon.


Ideas light up regardless of odds with the 7 of Wands.

Going in to the moon headlong energetically, headlong with sharp Magician aim,

able to see out of the darkness with accuracy,

zeal begins to focus details as . . .


the 8 of Wands moonbeams shine down filling your drawing-the-moon-down hands,

shining down from the full moon Fool unbagged moon always filling,

always filling the open cup of psyche as a plateau filling space to inspire expansion, infinite inner lingering,

a high mountain park of the dark with no false summits, only one horizon as cup’s edge hydrating dreams.


Dynamic energies settled, and lantern-lit preparations complete,

The 9 of Wands sets itself with the moon to light up the space of its lantern-lit place.

Is this the place the Ace staffed? The familiar place the Hermit presciently remembered revisiting differently?

There is a pause, a smile at the preparations.


And, the relfectively energetic full moon 10-of-Wands completes the scene to Hermit-look,

lit by experience, to Hermit-see and open the court,

to open the door to the court

of this lantern -lit place of psyche as moonbeamed room


for the Page of Wands to enter by full moon light and bring the news,

to arrive with news of new things under the sun,

bring the news to refresh the Higher Court of this room, saying,

“My name is Marco Polo.  Aware, we open the hold!” . . .


As the Knight of Wands wave-wafts his hands UP

and conducts them INTO the Higher Court,

no longer held, these opened treasures behold the court,

and hold the court as refreshing awakenings from their journey.


Queen of Swords raises her chin.


Says . . .

says nothing.  Her temples flex an eye-smile,


as the howling wolf within the Court begins,

the 9 of Pentacles solidly folds these moonlit treasures into the Court like prayer,

evenly distributing them as easily as two hands pinky-touched,

as easily as two hands pinky-touched to fold over in prayer,


as the Page of Pentacles fully sees his own not-knowing bright in the night sky,

he solidly introduces The Magician, The Hierophant, and The Chariot from his own sky to the Court.

And, AS them all, as one, the Page gifts out his voice with raised hands in full moon blessing,

“May your magical, down-to-earth spirit that is ever on the move ever and always shine light on your mysteries.”


Full Moon in Cancer Blessings,

Jordan and The Land of Mystereum Moon


9’s Birth Card blog:

9 of Pentacles video:


(c) 2010, 2011 Jordan Hoggard


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Inner Insight Glimpsing Into Eternal Insight: The Full Central Lunar Eclipse

How much more can you close your eyes to experience VISION?  What of when the night sky closes its eyes to the moon in a full central lunar eclipse?

How exciting!  Well, I think.  We are in for the 1st of 2 total lunar eclipses on Wednesday, June 15, 2011.  The second will occur on December 10th. The moon will be in Sagittarius on June 15th, and the earth is projected to cast its shadow on the moon making the full lunar eclipse last for some 100 minutes.  It is also an extremely rare central eclipse where the moon will pass through the centerline of the earth’s shadow.  The next central lunar eclipse will be on July 27, 2018. (ref. Wikipedia link)

I say, “I think”, as I feel there is merit in Bonnie Cehovet’s statement that, “. . . but that has to be disruptive in some way.”  From my perspective, and I have heard many conflicting ideas on eclipses as of late from my astrology buddies, lunar and solar, yet with this one being a rare central eclipse, I felt them reaching somehow in statements that sounded all too reasonable, and too. . .too, “that makes too much sense to believe.”  The statement, “reasons are often unreasonable” came to mind, and I smiled feeling a lot more comfortable eclipsing all that chatter and feeling into it myself, divining it.

So, why not work that out right here in a blog in one take kinda thing?  That’s how I do most things anyway, them not taking an hour or two, but more so taking my whole life up to that point with a “let ‘er rip n build something” where the meaning occurs in the act, with the meaning AS the act.  Heck, I don’t really know if I layered that wisdom into the stories told in Tarot in the Land of Mystereum or if building it, Mystereum taught me.  I can say that mastery, one way or the other, led to discovery.  Maybe no matter if I AM Marco Polo’s hull after a voyage, or the starry-eyed-in-anticipation person standing on the dock as the hull reveals and unfolds it treasures at my feet.  Maybe both. Maybe neither.  Certainly not nether.

Let’s start with 4 features: the 4 big ole archetypal Tarot ideas for the eclipse of The Sun, The Moon, and Temperance — as the moon will be in Saggie, and Temperance is ruled by Sag.  The Sun and the Moon are kinda necessary for this lunar eclipse gig to happen. They intermix in this central lunar eclipse as an alchemical rue due to a more mundane gig, though. . .Earth.  Respecting that, it feels to be fitting to bring in another, The Empress as Momma Gaia to represent earth.  Then another, The World, as the universe of an alchemist’s crucible wherein all 4 intermix.  So, that’s 5. The Sun.  The Moon.  Temperance.  The Empress.  The World.  Before this gets ad infinitum out of hand, before the roller coaster dynamic of a multi-layer chess tennis match between them all unfolds on Wednesday, and I ask you to smile and fasten your seat belts. . . it seems prudent, WOW I actually used that word for once. . .It seems prudent to pose a centerline or nucleus of some questions first.  Pose them not for what we will see, but for more expansive focus toward further opening up vision.  Vision, the kind where you don’t say, “the sky’s the limit,” as that is limiting.  Simply look up.  Point to it.  It’s right there.  The sky is then equivalent to sight, what we see or want to see.  Thinking bigger than that, that seems to be what I am calling vision here.  Seeing the powerful limit beyond the sky that is given by vision.  Maybe the questions coming up are my own boxes of the blind-spots of expectation, of sight rather than vision.  That’ll have to be up to you.

So. . . . . . .

How much more unconscious and depthfully intuitive can we be made as we simply gaze right out at the not-there-in-the-sky-hiding-in-plain-sight central lunar eclipse moon?  Do we see further in when looking at, into, its darkness in the darkness of the night?

Maybe the experience is like a natal astro chart of someone I know with Neptune and Mercury 4 degrees from one another in Scorpio?  Basically, someone being born with a foot on both sides, where even taking a walk takes that person multiple places at once where those places are all mostly always integrated together in a single experience that seems normal to them?  Hmmmm. . .  Someone who sees psychic contents as easily as looking at art in a museum?  A place where the autonomic, everyday devotion of breath is the prayer, the ongoing meditation?    Seat belts, please. 😀   Here we go. . . .

Hmmm. . .dark in dark.  Is this an anomaly of an antinomy, the totality of inner opposites. . .yet an antinomy of a totality of inner sameness, the moon and our intuition going into the dark of our own earthly shadow?  Pictures!  How?  What’s there to see with vision?  I have another question also coming to mind that I should preface before I blotto-transcend it.  With the yin-yang symbol, the black spot being more than a beauty mark in the white field, is the spot really a psychic wormhole?  A psychic wormhole where you go so far into the light as to become dark, and wormhole through the spot POOF to the dark field. . .and then the other way you go so far into the dark that POOF you come to the light dot bright-spot and POOF you wormhole again to. . . . I rather like that activation of the symbol.  But, enough of the question-preface of that scenario as it seems small now.  I sense a larger question:

What happens when the dark goes into the dark?

Does intuition get deeper, where the Moon, the bright eye of intuition in the night sky. . .goes dark?  Deeper intuition?  A huge sense of a loss of bearing?  Vast expansiveness afloat in total clarity in total darkness, a Hanged Man moment you cannot see?  Do you experience glimpses of eternity from your known depths of the realms of your creativity and imagination and experience?  Total dissolution of self, or is it more not an annihilation of self but more fully a self-realization of the far reaches of one’s infinite inner divinity plunging further into the night so to speak?

The Penumbra Missing That Is A New Experience.  Alternate title?  No, I think I have said what I want to about the coming eclipse. . .there’s a title of a poem rattling around in that alternate title. . .the now-subject of this blog dedicated to the full lunar eclipse on Wednesday.  I’ll run that, too, since I am warmed up.   If you cannot see the eclipse in your area, maybe so much the better.  Look at the moon and close your eyes with your own Momma-Gaia earth-shadow eyelids.  Fully eclipse the moon yourself passing dark into dark, a void between stars, an odd, “hmmm, of a dark spot the size of the moon.”  It may be a blank darkness in the night.  It may be another imaginative wormhole to take you places and dissolve false connections.  Again, that’s for you to decide and/or feel / experience.  I will be curious what the core resonance of dark passing into dark is for everyone.  Until then, I better write that poem while IT seems to still be warm. . .

The Missing Penumbral Light. A New Experience

Shadow shadow in the night,

I do not see you though I dance without fright.

Stop rhyming you say,

and I say,


Your Pallas-Athena gift that formed and set up in my mind

between Uranus the Shaker-Upper

and Pluto The Transformer

seems a gift that extends a gift,

extending the gift of the dark passing into the dark,

further into night,

night passing back a different glimpse of eternity from its own deeper night,

eternity’s own shadowed moon seen not-there.

Your gift.

Your Pallas-Athena gift saturates an old dusty idea in my mind.

The Sophia Principle if I remember correctly,

where may I be lucid enough to sense my shadow,

but smart enough to dance with it,

and now, smarter falls away to more. . .

Acceptant and receiving

I will dance

in the dark

with my shadow,

with and IN my earthly shadow

in Gaia-cast night-level shadow,


Gaia cast up to right not-there the moon,

now right not-there in the night sky,

where my symbols of intuition and depth disappear into experience,

where on this night

dark passes into dark.

Where on this night an infinite dark passes into my night.

What happens inside when the dark goes into the dark outside?

What happens when the dark goes into the dark?

(c) 2010, 2011 Jordan Hoggard


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