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Paradox is Mo Betta as Pair of Docs or Chucks

Another Stick-Up. This One BY the Inner Sanctum. I Think It’s Catchin’ On.

So, I woke up this morning with a smile to the sun thinking “You can’t trust your judgment if your imagination is out of focus” by Mark Twain. And, the “when something goes wrong you need to change your negative thinking” farce-fest of a snippet-quote started rattling around again like it had a broken set of bearings. Ok, …

Here’s are my real beefs with the thought of changing negative thinking (Change your oil will get you further)

  • Changing your negative thinking feels to be about as effective as trying to clean sewage into a good soup.  That is NOT giving good kitchen.
  • First, it is expressed to let go, to surrender.  Well, being comfortable with the not-knowing in no way removes one from responsibility OR by default makes things YOUR fault. So, …
  • and, then something goes wrong and POOF “change your negative thinking” is tossed in the mix ’cause NOW it’s my fault… ’cause I just exceeded that person’s teaching ability and they don;t have the wits for solid conflict resolution skills?
  • Well, you see it IS my fault. In fact it is ALWAYS my fault. That’s because I am so damn powerful. 😀
  • What I take issue with is the bullshit dualism of yes-it-is rallying with no-it-isn’t.  There’s no Fred and Ginger with her doing it all backwards and in heels there.
  • Duality is bush-league amateur in the context of the integrated opposites of antinomy.
  • DOOD, WTF is this antinomy you keep chattering on about?!  Not antimony like antimonious. AntiNoMy. (hmmmm, there’s something in that capitalization, huh?)
  • It is simple. A car, well at least a car that works, has the integrated inner opposites of antinomy: fire, water, air, it’s solidity (earth) of them all working together inside and out. Not a jalopy with a Hemi, certainly not a kit car with a Yugo engine.

So, I remember

So, I remember finding early on in life that to surrender in my (artistic, architectural… thought) process, to let go, to be comfortable with the not-knowing WHILE completing things… I remember that to be a ROCKIN’ thing bringing things to even out across time and get in the zone, the groove, and GO MAN GO! … OOPS, and then when things went… uh hem… South… Who really cared, though?  I resonated with things going South right in the middle of a deadline, and then a mini-deadline that reared DURING the deadline, as an opportunity to see something new.  And, I created a detail that ultimately won an award.  That’s process not in ups and downs.  It’s process in… well, I surrendered even to the process in the process. That wouldn’t have happened if I had sent myself to the Inner Prison of “oh DAYum, I better pout and sputter out and stall so Santa doesn’t visit this year.” I took it straight into the wall so to speak or took a failed outside loop right into the ground pulling hard the whole time.  Got up. Shook it off.  Walked to the pits. Fashioned a new vehicle. And, set a quality time all the while in the process.

You see…

You see, the surrender part is not my problem with “change your negative thinking.”  I got that.  I utilized it.  I didn’t waste trouble and then found gold by working the problem on the way at speed in real-time through stalls and crashes and all.

And, I also got that not everything I see in someone else is a mirror of me.  That would be boring.  Well, the parts that aren’t me would be, ’cause I, like you, ROCK!  Beware the smoke and mirrors of projection redirection.  They’ll never make Inner Wimbledon.

Stick it back…

Beware the smoke and mirrors of projection redirection.  Stick it back to them with humor or a silently half-raised eyebrow and not a peep… and continue right back to running the Imagination Solar System in focus that is Your process.  “Yes Madame, I am drunk. Though, I will be sober in the morning and you will still be ugly.” ~Winston Churchill … ’cause if you stop to address every barking dog along the way… you’ll forget where you were even going (also Sir WC) … or start a shelter.

But, alas…

But alas, the jackass who was still spouting the surrender speech and then flip-flopping that it was then someone’s fault when things went awry… I saw it. He had NO up-front Loki.  No beautiful trickster to magically pick Inner Locks to get the whole picture.  He was more of a long-form conceptually tone deaf metro-gnome.  Everyone knows from garden gnomes that metro-gnomes are outcast even by the least savvy of outcasts. He’d probably say, “There’s no I in team.” Cocking my head, “Well well, you are certainly right on that, man.  And, if you aren’t more careful there will be no U in this team, either.” Remember there are two U’s in gUrU, though.  Be your own, at least twice.

Letting go and surrender are not about losing responsibility for your actions. They are a function of exploring uncharted territory with the Shadow Map of your unconscious.  Go to a game.  Have some fun.  Have you ever noticed that no-one writes much poetry while playing frisbee?  Poetry during frisbee is like texting while driving. Somebody is gonna get a frisbee in the teeth… Oh, that would be an accident that IS their fault, huh?  … Still, I bet little to no poetry is written while playing frisbee.  Composition is another thing, though.  How does your Inner Frisbee play?

Try It

Try it. I dare you to explore only expressing your beef with people with humor, higher octave positive qualities of your beef with them or what they express. Try it. Try and let go to missile-launch back with humor at close range without even a flinch in a non-insulting way.  It’s called wits.  Give yours a shot.  You might want to wear pads the first couple of times, though. Or, that would be an accident that is YOUR fault, huh?  Try this: when someone attempts to insult you, simply smile and say, “You’re welcome.”

Try it. I dare you.  One foot in front of the other. Left. Right. Left. Right. When you get good at walking, feel free to remove the periods.  Left Right Left Right.  Docs or Chucks?  Well, whatev.  Have some style while doing it, too.  It is part of the fun. How does our Inner Frisbee play?

Magical Irreverance to Ya!

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Tarot Form-Giving Mystereum 2

The 1st Form-Giver story is here. Prelude to Tarot in the Land of Mystereum: An Imagination Primer.

From self-published to published:

I began the original Mystereum Tarot (self-published) in May of 2005, setting a 3-year deadline for myself for the deck and LWB.  No TV, no Tarot, no reading about Tarot, no looking at other peoples’ Tarot, no talking about Tarot . . . no Tarot at all, a brainwashing.  It was time to divine the cards from re-scratch as I feelingsense resonated with them.

Putting a standing 2p-5p meeting in my work schedule Mon thru Friday, at first it was only meeting the requirement of my “butt in the chair” method. I completed The Fool through the Emperor that summer, and nothing in the Fall, every day butt-in-the-chair. . .thinking about the cards like a theosophic vision or awakedream, feeling into multiple cards, single cards . . . a flurry in Nov/Dec and I was up to 16 completed . . . and back to butt-in-the-chair.  I would rebel yet maintain the discipline of the ritual by standing up holding the chair to my rump and old-man-walk out and sit down in the garden . . . was funny after a month or two I would get back up with the chair and old-man-walk to the kitchen, sit down, and open a bottle of wine or make coffee/tea and grab my smokes . . . and old-man hoof it back to the garden one-handing the chair to my rump . . .

Then, in January of 2007, yes almost 2 years in something happened.  Denver.  January.  2007.  And, 36 inches of snow in 6 hours plus-minus.  I had scoffed at the weather report the afternoon of the blizzard thinking, “Yeah you gambler’s anonymous overflow people . . .er. . .uh hem . . .I mean meteorologists. Whatev.”  And, I didn’t go to the grocery store that afternoon.  The next morning?  Took me 6 hours for an 8-block “walk” round trip to the store.  I left once the sun was out planning to get “off the mountain” so to speak by 2p before the storms came in.  At 2:30p I was back, and with the clouds began to get dark.  Sat in my chair, one set of devil’s fingers on the desk in front of the screen with a, “Ok now.  What do I want to do with this.  I want to speak the cards. I want the cards THEMSELVES to speak. I want to be a playwright of 80 voices.” That was 78 + card back + book cover.

I would be stuck in my house for 2 weeks.  No mail.  No visitors other than neighbors in our daily shoveling-out rituals chippin away to the main street.  Car completely covered in a snow drift, and the alley to my drive just as deep.  I thought the 2nd night, “Well if there ever is a time to make this deadline, it is now!”  I started cranking.

BAM BAM BAM . . . lightning that night while it was snowing?  That felt dangerous, somehow weird and anomalous. And, somehow fitting.  And, then came the fetch wood carry water training discipline of butt-in-the-chair being over.  Same time, same bat channel, but I started and finished 60 cards in the 3 months of that Spring of 2007, and held out Temperance from May to the Summer Solstice to complete as the last card . . .

Solstice.  Sit back down in the chair after a couple of months off not looking at ANY of what I had done at all.  One day.  Card complete, and jumping out of my chair pumping my fists in celebration YEE HAH I slowly came to a halt.  Uh hem.  Book cover?  Card back?  I smiled at my false summit of completion.  Took myself to dinner, and came back and worked into the night to be fully done to awake the next morning to . . . . The Mystereum Tarot.  I had written the chapters of the 48-page LWB as I went along to tune the feelingsense resonance of the text to the voice of each card.

Little did I know that Schiffer would approach me at RS09 (Readers Studio 2009) to launch into the next iteration . . .Tarot in the Land of Mystereum: An Imagination Primer.  Deck + 192-page book set where the cards literally speak like they are in a personal play for you on the stage of your life.

I never mentioned writer’s block up there.  A whole year went by at one point.  I gave myself the credit to take the time . . . but on an occasion or 2, ok I’m lying… actually 4 times lol, I looked over and saw my frisbee. HOOKY!  Sometimes, wanting to produce something on self-imposed deadlines . . . be truant to yourself as your own boss. . . just don’t tell on yourself.  Sneak out of your own house.  Sneak back in.  An inability to have fun while you create can mean you are hungry, yourself indicating for you to do something else here and there, and/or a host of lotsa things.  Rather than writer’s block, may I suggest to whaleshark comb the plankton of your creative urges?  Things take time only if you give yourself the time.  Heck, I lived my life on deadline for decades.  Hooky can be an effective project management tool.

Schiffer approached me in 2009, May.  On July 2 I started the Tarot bedtime stories contracted by Schiffer.  Little did I know I was about to literally speak the cards and fulfill my original 2005 dream via a 192-page Imagination Primer book with tinkered-with, tuned and tailord Mystereum Tarot cards.  The Imagination Primer book, beginning as bedtime stories took on a life of its own.  This time I went in order, one by one.  Coming up on The Devil, I was feeling a little squirrely.  HurROOOO.  I am the DEVILLLLL!  No, not THAT one . . . and my eyes lit up.  There it was.  These are no bedtime stories.  After 4 years I was speaking the cards.  I trashed the 45 pages I had written thus far, completed The Devil, and started back with The Fool.  Tracking back, one by one moving forward . . . I finished in 4 months.  Put it all down for a month.  And, came back in month 5 with 12 hard edits.  Put it down for a week.  Came back and combed, fine-tooth combed, tuning and tailoring and on-the-spot re-writing.  December 4th, 2009, my birthday, I said out loud, “I want a BIG birthday present.  This is going out the door on the 9th.”  STUCK my butt in the chair.  Ate.  Slept. Drank.  Lived the cards at the detail level.  Shifting focus and redirecting scale on the fly to the scale of the universe.  Back and forth antinomy-izing, integrating the inner opposites so as to make duality look rather bush-league.

December 9th, 2009, and it was off.  Called my editor at Schiffer Publications to let her know to check her email 6 months early from my 1-year deadline.  “OMG Jordan!  I just read some of this!  This has never been done before and evolves the bedtime stories to a new level!  30 minutes ago another author called to say they were a year behind deadline.  Well . . . YOU get their spot!  You will be in the Fall 2010 catalog!”

And there is the story of how The Mystereum Tarot iterate-evolved into Tarot in the Land of Mystereum with cards speaking in its 192-page Imagination Primer companion book.  Hope you’ve enjoyed this prescient remembrance telling of it.  Tells me to keep looking forward to new things.  Tells me. . . I had one helluva Place of Creation story ride!  And, here’s the one helluva creation story ride that the Ace of Swords had!

Jupiter’s Blessings,


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Tarot Prep Work

I have really been enjoying following peoples’ public Tarot projects in progress.  This project is a research project to Map and write the history of the Land of Mystereum.  I felt to run back into its creating and making process publicly — and I have already found some wonderful divinatory surprises which please me very much.  I am thankful for the 200+ people who have The Land of Mystereum to take for a spin.  May Your Life, Your Way fuel your All Similar, Each Unique effectiveness!
My thought here is that I am probably the best to open up the deck’s structure as I am aware of what I was thinking when I Frankenstein’d it, and will not have to hypothesize about “WOW, where did THAT come from . . . especially if I EVEN don’t know.  I can simply say that.”   Skeletons and the forces present in structures are very 4 of Pents.  Hidden structures.  Bridges.  Fields of forces dynamically directed.  And, I cannot see my skeleton, and I use it ALL the time.  So, below is my “Bob the Biology Class skeleton” that stood up in Mrs. Vantrease’s class years back.  Over time, we will really see if this is Bob or Barb or either or both or neither.  Felt like an interesting gig to open up my creative process on a project.    This will be the public makings of a book.  A handbook? A workbook?  An encyclopedia?  A multi-volume encyclopaedic tome?  We’ll see.  For now enjoy the Bob’s bones hanging by the chalkboard below.  I haven’t pitched it to my publisher, as it may be too big to finish.  Then again, ask me next week. LOL  Enjoy the ride!  Comments of course welcome.  Here we go!
[[TO MAP MYSTEREUM and further elucidate the “follows in the footsteps of deceptive simplicities of the Marseilles tradition.”  Thank you for that Jean-Michel David of ATS in Oz.]]
[[to expand and further enhance the Mystereum Image Lineage Series and Themed Personifications Series]]
[[the divinatory structure of form ossified around space of architecture and sacred space.  Temporal Relationships of Built Form would only be 1/2 the picture at best.]]
[[the divinatory and natural structure of formlessness in archetype]]
[[fun and expertise as the highest octave studies]]
All In A Day’s Work: 2011 in Review & On To Bigger
Mapping Mystereum: A Visual Dictionary
The Prescient Remembrances of the Perpetual Present
Presences Journeying Through The Land of Mystereum
Throughout (Tarot in) the Land of Mystereum the Major Arcana & Mystereum Symbols visit, live with, sit with, and inform one another through powerful witness.  The Land of Mystereum is about emancipating and enhancing one’s Tarot voice.  As the cards speak directly to you in the first person, I feel it is only a matter of time until people start talking back and starting their own conversations with it.  The land of Mystereum is about divination.  Divination from inner inheritances, those wonderful identity traits you were born with and / or have developed through your life that express You as only You do, your life your way. 
Though The Land of Mystereum has a book, its 192-page Imagination Primer book, nowhere is it against using and learning from books.  The Land of Mystereum, though, is simply a single expression that holds true to divination.  All original material divined for each card, and only a few sparse quotes from dead people.  It emerged from a 3 year process of turning on my own feelingsense of divination by turning off Tarot.  Like C.G. Jung expressed, “Learn all you can, and forget it into every action.”  This action, now even morphing Jung’s “active imagination” into Actionable Imagination(c) and Imagin-Action(c), itself forgotten, was one of the initial form-givers for The Land of Mystereum (2010 Schiffer Publications) to evolve from The Mystereum Tarot (2008 self-published).  It is certainly not stripped down, more carries an intensity of identoty.  It provides Imagination Tools(c) from each card given as gifts to the reader, given as gifts for mining one’s inner inheritances, emancipating, enhancing one’s own voice.  I drew a line to keep it simple to give people an opportunity to NOT use research so much as to give their own inner research a go.  I drew this line knowing that presenting deceptive simplicity, crucibled down intensity of identities, was risky.  That it could cause The Land of Mystereum to die on the vine.  But, that risk was a paltry one, personally, as I felt that Tarot for children and those new to Tarot and hobbyist and pros and old hands all alike might simply appreciate a new Tarot entree.
I knew that if I went into a full expression of the depth of inter-relationships inherent in Mystereum, that would be fully encyclopedic. So, I simply put it out there as if it was simply “non-derivative” (of RWS / Thoth. . .  though I cannot say not resonant with the Marseilles tradition as it strikes deceptively simple chords to resonate similarly).  I knew that if I went much further than playwrighting all of the cards to speak, The Land of Mystereum would become a tome of an encyclopedia, a multi-volume book set, and would lose the potency of CARDS ACTUALLY SPEAKING TO YOU, literally speaking too you like fairy tales inherent and speaking froim their own innate structure.  Yet now, for The Land of Mystereum’s 1st birthday, that is exactly what I am going to do.  Thus far Mystereum has been boutique thought in a boutique profession and community.  It is not that it has been ignored, though I am sure dutifully omitted by some . . . no accounting for taste LOL . . . but some waves begin the begin, and some needn’t yell loudly to be felt.  And some . . . well, I will simply say, “All similar, each unique.”  Each birth is brilliant in its age.
So, the encyclopedia of The Land of Mystereum, indicating it not being simply another deck on the market, but a deck+book package, a story, a play, a novel of sorts with interesting areas of study to be sparked . . . that encyclopedia and multi-volume set begins here in this blog below.  Welcome to the Grand Reopening of The Land of Mystereum AS its 1st birthday party!  None of this is to harken some delusion of grandeur that Mystereum should lord over Tarot.  That’s hoaky at best. I simply feel it to be a success of a contribution to the vast and wonderfully checkered Tarot community, and would simply like to follow in the footsteps of a handful of wonderful 5-star reviews and interviews that have occurred with Mystereum and me.  I would like to enhance and develop it further and begin teaching The Land of Mystereum after I have sat back for a year to see who sees, feelingsenses, and expresses what they do with it and about it.  This is similar to me getting Tarot out of the way for 3 years as prep for action, me forgetting all I learned into the action of “for getting” what do the cards say to me. . . how do I DIVINE them.  I got out of the way for a year to walk my talk and flow Mystereum-speak out there to see how it walks its talk.  What I REALY now love is that I got archetypes to speak in Mystereum, albeit in a different voice than before.  Or maybe it was simply me thus-spaking-Zarathrustra altogether similar differently.  Hoopy doopy hullaballoo?
This is in outline and notes form.  I see how huge this can actually become, so I will begin blogging these one by one starting with a (just came to me) Land of Mystereum 4-line Tarotverse(c).  I will simply do short, 4-lines per item, verse from a Tarot reading perspective.  This may layer on another layer of decptive simplicity, and over time may serve me to create and make The Land of Mystereum to be an encyclopedia meshing together like baclava.  And, that’s simply a trailhead.  Here we go!  Stepping onto the trail, continuing the journey, we’ll see where this goes.  Heck, there is a great deal of contribution nascent in The Land of Mystereum.   And, gonna toot Mystereum’s horn as I back-scribe the manners in which it has, does, and will play chords.  Tooting Mystereum’s horn?  How dare I be so self-serving?!  Heck, somebody’s gotta start the band to play the next set.  And, I think I will.
This will be “always complete and never finished,” until it is finished.  Heck, then I may go for a coffee and an archaelogical strata-layer-level baclava multi-volume set afterwards.  LOL Not gonna run too far ahead though.  The Land of Mystereum is right here and stepping on the stage for its next set.  All I have to do to be a scout is to be a spectator scribe.  Let’s hope it is less threatening than in Kingsfield ‘s class (The Paper Chase), and just as rockin’ly interesting and ON!  Let’s hope Chiron, Mystereum’s mascot, is up to the task of playing with Kingsfield shall we?
In addition this may very well be an Ode To WTH have I Even Done This Past Year?  Have I done anything at all? . . . and, I SEE!  Oopsy.  LOTS!  LOTSA LOTTA/O . . . a pun itself in Mexico.  How many volumes does it take to get to the center of a Land of Mystereum Tootsie Pop.  A one, a two, a CRUNCH.  Three.  LOL Whatev. Lemniscate comes to mind.  Enjoy the journey and the mystery!
Enjoy the mystery in Your life, Your way!
Here goes building on some O’ mine with and on and within the cornerstone of The land of Mystereum:
[[on the next blog iteration try out the verse form of 4 lines each for each card in relation to the placement of its presence in/with other card(s) . . . to get to a critical mass.  Then, go back and really get into each one, one by one.  4-line Tarotverse per card relationship]]
(line 1),
(line 2),
(line 3),
(line 4),
[[make an “Appearance Chart” with the following info]]
The Fool (2) appearances (4-line Tarotverse)
===> Major card presence (2): The Fool, The Tower
===> Minor card presence (0):
===> link whole Birth Card blog section and/or A “Fool” blog
===> create and produce and link new Fool vid
The Magician (2 appearances) (4-line Tarotverse)
===> Major card presence (1): The Magician
===> Minor card presence (1): Page of Pentacles
~ The High Priestess (12 appearances) (4-line Tarotverse)
===> Major card presence (6): The High Priestess, The Empress, Strength, Temperance, The Moon, The World
===> Minor card presence (6) : Queen of Cups, Queen of Wands, King of Cups, 6 of Pentacles, 6 of Wands, Ace of Swords
The Empress (3 Big Tree-related appearances) (4-line Tarotverse)
===> Major card presence (3): The Empress (big tree), The Emperor (big tree), The Hanged Man (big tree)
===> Minor card presence (0):
The Emperor (3 Big Tree-related appearances) (4-line Tarotverse)
===> Major card presence (3): The Emperor (big tree), The Empress (big tree), The Hanged Man (big tree)
===> Minor card presence (0):
The Hierophant (5 appearances) (4-line Tarotverse)
===> Major card presence (2): The Hierophant, Justice (head/nose)
===> Minor card presence (3): Ace of Cups, Page of Pentacles, Page of Wands
===> link 5’s vid(s)
The Lovers (8 appearances) (note eye-path visual of divined “Samech” composition) (4-line Tarotverse)
===> Major card presence (2): The Lovers, Temperance
===> Minor card presence (6): 2 of Cups, 10 of Wands, King of Wands, King of Cups, King of Swords, King of Pentacles
===> link 6’s vid(s)
The Chariot (7 appearances) (4-line Tarotverse)
===> Major card presence (2): The Chariot, The Tower
===> Minor card presence (5): Page of Wands, Page of Pentacles, Knight of Cups, Knight of Swords, Knight of Pentacles
===> link  7s vid(s)
Justice (3 appearances) (4-line Tarotverse)
===> Major card presence (2): Justice, Hierophant (head/nose)
===> Minor card presence (1): Ace of Cups (Hierophant)
===> link 8’s vid(s)
The Hermit (4 appearances) (4-line Tarotverse)

===> Major card presence (2): The Hermit, Death
===> Minor card presence (2): Ace of Wands, 2 of Wands (very Miers Briggs antinomy expression, extreme E and I integrated dancing)
===> link 9’s vid(s)
The Wheel (4 appearances) (4-line Tarotverse)
===> Major card presence (1): The Wheel
===> Minor card presence (3): 10 of Pentacles, Queen of Swords, Queen of Pentacles
===> link 1’s vid(s)
Strength (7 appearances) (4-line Tarotverse)
===> Major card presence (2): Strength, The Devil
===> Minor card presence (5): Ace of Swords, 4 of Wands, 4 of Cups, 6 of Cups, Page of Wands
The Hanged Man (4 appearances) (Big Tree-related appearance with Empress and Emperor) (4-line Tarotverse)
===> Major card presence (1): The Hanged Man
===> Minor card presence (3): 4 of Pentacles, Page of Cups, Page of Swords
Death (6 appearances) (4-line Tarotverse)
===> Major card presence (1): Death
===> Minor card presence (5): 10 of Swords ghost Roman numeral X in the sky, Knight of Wands, King of Wands, King of Cups, King of Pentacles — with white faces.  King of Swords would be at a higher octave about Death, and thus completely dies into his surroundings everywhere to be seen and nowhere to be found, thus no white face. White face as in Chinese theatre white face, integrated mask or make-up.
===> Death blogs:
Temperance (14 appearances) (4-line Tarotverse)
===> Major card presence (4): Temperance, The High Priestess, The Empress, The Moon
===> Minor card presence (10): 6 of Wands, 6 of Pentacles, 10 of Wands, Knight of Wands, Queen of Wands, Queen of Cups, King of Wands, King of Cups, King of Pentacles, King of Swords
===> link 5’s vid(s)
The Devil (9 appearances) (4-line Tarotverse)
===> Major card presence (): The Devil, Strength, The Hanged Man,
===> Minor card presence (): 4 of Wands, 4 of Cups, 6 of Cups, 4 of Pentacles, Page of Cups, Page of Pentacles
===> link 6’s vid(s)
The Tower (3 appearances) (4-line Tarotverse)
===> Major card presence (3): The Tower, The Fool, The Chariot
===> Minor card presence (0):
===> link 7’s vid(s)
The Star (2 appearances) (4-line Tarotverse)
===> Major card presence (2): The Star, The Hierophant
===> Minor card presence (0):
===> link 8’s vid(s)
~ The Moon: (21 appearances) (4-line Tarotverse) (The Sonata of The Moon; Moonlight Sonata)
===> Major card presence (9): The Moon, The Fool (viewing earth FROM the moon), The Magician, The High Priestess, The Hermit, The Wheel, Death, Temperance, The Tower.
===> Minor card presence(12): Wands: Ace, 2, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Page, Knight.  Queen of Swords.  9 of Pentacles (Howling at), Page of Pentacles.
===> link 9’s vid
The Sun (43 appearances) (4-line Tarotverse)
===> Major card presence (11): The Sun, The Fool, The Magician, The High Priestess, The Emperor, The Hierophant, The Hermit, The Wheel, Strength, Death, Temperance
===> Minor card presence (32): Wands: Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, Page, Knight, Queen. Cups: 4, 6, 7, 9, Queen, King. Swords: 3, 10, King. Pentacles: Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Page, Knight, Queen, King
Judgment (4 appearances) (4-line Tarotverse)
===> Major card presence (1): Judgment
===> Minor card presence (3): 5 of Wands, 2 of Cups, Queen of Pentacles
===> link to “Judgment’s Perennial World”
===> link to  “Forming Archetype ~ Form-Giving Judgment”
The World (10 appearances) (4-line Tarotverse)
===> Major card presence (4): The World, The Fool, High Priestess, Strength
===> Minor card presence (6): Cups: 9, Page, Knight. Swords: Ace . Pentacles: 7, 9
The Fabric of One (The Four Pillars Roll-morphed into a Circle, The Four God-fingers of Self) (5 appearances)
===> Major card presence (4): The Magician, The Hanged Man The Devil, The Sun
===> Minor card presence (1): Page of Pentacles
The Fabric of All (The Four Pillars Flat, The Four God-fingers of Community) (15 appearances)
===> Major card presence (8): The Fool, The Magician, The Lovers, The Chariot, The Hanged Man, The Devil, The Tower, The Sun
===> Minor card presence (7): 2 of Pentacles, 4 of Pentacles, 2 of Swords, Page of Pentacles, Page of Cups, Knight of Pentacles, Knight of Cups
The Uroburos
===> Major card presence ():
===> Minor card presence ():
The Ankh
===> Major card presence ():
===> Minor card presence ():
5-Petaled Flowers
===> Major card presence ():
===> Minor card presence ():
6-Petaled Flowers
===> Major card presence ():
===> Minor card presence ():
The Lemniscate
===> Major card presence ():
===> Minor card presence ():
The Hourglass
===> Major card presence ():
===> Minor card presence ():
The Om, Ohm, Libra, (A U M)
===> Major card presence ():
===> Minor card presence ():
===> Major card presence ():
===> Minor card presence ():
===> Major card presence ():
===> Minor card presence ():
===> Major card presence ():
===> Minor card presence ():
===> Major card presence ():
===> Minor card presence ():
===> Major card presence ():
===> Minor card presence ():
===> Major card presence ():
===> Minor card presence ():
===> Major card presence ():
===> Minor card presence ():
The Compass and Square
===> Major card presence ():
===> Minor card presence ():
The Tree
===> Major card presence (): big trees
===> Minor card presence ():  little trees
The Mountain
===> Major card presence ():
===> Minor card presence ():
The Fish
===> Major card presence ():
===> Minor card presence ():
The Phallus
===> Major card presence ():
===> Minor card presence ():
The Axe
===> Major card presence ():
===> Minor card presence ():
===> Major card presence ():
===> Minor card presence ():

Calla Lily Hands
===> Major card presence ():
===> Minor card presence ():
Hand Emanation(s)
===> Major card presence ():
===> Minor card presence ():
Sun and Moon appearing together separately or eclipsed
===> Major card presence ():
===> Minor card presence ():
Sun and Moon appearing together eclipsed one way or the other
===> Major card presence ():
===> Minor card presence ():
Pentacles/Pentagrams Outside of Pentacles
===> Major card presence ():
===> Minor card presence ():
Cups Outside of Cups
===> Major card presence ():
===> Minor card presence ():
Wands Outside of Wands
===> Major card presence ():
===> Minor card presence ():
Swords Outside of Swords
===> Major card presence ():
===> Minor card presence ():
Gold — psyche, numinous, inner day, crown chakra
Red — passion, life, blood, intensity, heart chakra
Orange — sacral, sacral chakra, agile base, not redness-not-yellowness-orange,
Light Blue — visible water, outward nourishment
Deep Blue — deep water, inner nourishment, depth, chthonic, throat chakra
Light Green — old growth, tea of growth, tea of verdant
Deep Green — growth, verdant
Green — Not yellowness/goldness. Not blueness. Green
Brown — earth, wood
Light Brown —
Earth Brown —
Dark Brown —
Flesh / Beige / Light Tan —
Pink/Salmon — new skin, sensitive, receptive, puerile
Fuchsha — living primal violet
Violet — Not redness.  Not blueness. Violet.
Lavendar — moon, twilight dusk, twilight dawn, ancient (older than) primal violet
Black — night, darkness, chthonic, depth
White — lightness, integration
Light Gray — cloud shadow
Dark Gray — storm shadow
(c) 2011 Jordan Hoggard
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Today’s Card? The Land of Mystereum 5 of Wands

Today’s card is the 5 of Wands.

The 5 of Wands warrants a free reading exercise here.  Let’s work this 5 together.

Do you feel stiff competition?  Chaotic energies?

Try asking yourself the question, “What energetic component do I have that the competition is missing?”

Pull another card.  Use the card back here as an unrevealed clarifying card for this question.

Think about . . .

What can you turn over in your situation like a card back?

What can you see anew?

What do you assume, feel is normal, that is not normal to anyone else and that you can use?

Ask again, “What energetic component do I have that the competition is missing?”

Does your question and the additional card you turn over focus something, bring something to mind?

Does it reveal something you already have that you can now see more fully?

Bring something that is already there into crisp focus as a strength that YOU wield!

Look at the child in this card.  The pura vida, pure life, child.

What in the heck is he doing?  Is he crazy?

 He has put his wand behind him. Note that he keeps it, though.

He is still in the mix, but he has seen something everyone else here is missing.

Maybe the chaos is that two of them are too focused,

and two of them would rather be somewhere else so they chit-chat off to the side?  Or, are they next?

Or, are they seeing what the child is seeing, but keeping quiet?

Look at the child in this 5 of Wands card.

The pura vida child raises his hands to bring in the rainbow as his new wand, his new contribution.

No-one else has it, and bringing it into the situation is like. . . .

Bringing something that no-one else has or even sees, bringing something that the competition is missing.

Think of The Sun.

Its light is part of the rainbow.  Watch this 46 second video as you keep your second card in mind.

Then ask yourself. . .

What is the rainbow that I bring to my situation?

Till next time,




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My 5th Ace Reporting For Duty






























(c) 2011 Jordan Hoggard


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Prescient Remembrance Painting?

Sometimes pattern.  Sometimes, direct prefiguration.

Not many words for this right now.

Cicada resonances across time.

Suffice it to say the paintings to wand progression

gave me a beautiful pause, a scenic overlook, in process.

Day Painting to Night Painting to Wand.

Prescient Remembrance Painting.

1994 to 2008 to 2011.

Memory is dream, Dream is memory,

both living in the perpetual present,

each birth brilliant in its age.

1967 to 2005 unknowingly tilling the soil for the Mystereum Tarot.

1973, 4 1/2 cards spread on floor telling me stories.  Reading Tarot began.

Reading Tarot began by literally reading cards.

April 2005 to September 2007 gardening daily, creating The Mystereum Tarot

May 5, 2008 The Mystereum Tarot decks arrive with 48-page LWB

Readers Studio 2009: contract with Schiffer Publishing for a different kind of Tarot project

June 2, 2009 to December 10, 2009 192-page Imagination Primer created and written, deck evolve-tailored

January 5, 2011 The Land of Mystereum is discovered at The Tarot Garden, on Amazon, and soon to be on your local shelves.

(c) 2011 Jordan Hoggard


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A Prelude to Tarot in the Land of Mystereum: An Imagination Primer.  The Original Mystereum Tarot Inception Story.   Enjoy!  So, you have a sense of how the Mystereum Tarot and The Land of Mystereum came to be . . .

The Mystereum Tarot Card Back


 I do not believe that reading the tarot is soothsaying or prophecy, and as well those are fun!  I do not believe that the cards give you anything that you don’t already have, much as the future does not, either. That’s an important point from my perspective.  The cards provide archetypal image references, seats for your mind, places to give place to your story.  And, a good tarot reader might tell you your story much in a way that many are not accustomed to in day to day language and experience. A Reading can be as much a non-sequitur that opens a part of your world as a catalyst, or act directly as a guide on your path. The cards compose a graphic story of psychic place, a set of images from and into which to unfold your context which is oftentimes already present, and simply not seen.  Informed perspectives are priceless!

The concept of setting into the creative adventure of this tarot deck began several years back when I made a connection between the meaning of architecture and The Magician and The High Priestess. And when I say the meaning of architecture I am literally looking to the word architecture itself. There is a four-point mode of being that I enjoy for the general purpose of architectural analysis which I will use to preface this connection for conversation’s sake, and to provide just a moment of suspense. This four-point mode is somewhat existential, and I have to honestly say I don’t think about these four points much anymore unless a building really perplexes me. Things incorporate over time, are amended into the soil so to speak:

1 How does a building stand on the ground?   How do you present yourself?

2 How does a building extend to the sides?  How do you extend beyond yourself and interact?

3 How does a building open and close?  How do you receive and set boundaries?

4 How does a building meet the sky?   How powerfully and clearly do you feel your dreams?

Now, for just a bit more suspense. I won’t go in to whether something has to be a building to be considered architecture. That’s another story, and tarot is the order of the day here. 

OK. Architecture. The meaning of architecture. If I disassemble the word into its Greek roots, I get arche and techne, and I STILL can’t remember how to make the accent over a letter work on my keyboard. I ask that you please imagine the accent and play along. Further for your imagination, that the accent starts low on the left and ends high on the right. Accent ague? Accent grave? Imagination. Arche, techne. Say ar-kay. Tek-nay. And, here’s where I made a connection.

Arche is the first inkling, the creation, the first spark of an idea. Arche is the place of inception, your place of creation, the internal house of your making, the vessel for all the things you bring into your world. Techne is the making, the putting together of the idea that has been created. Techne is the place of conception, where you give form to the formless. . .where the fledgling identities you create thrive! And, I saw The Magician and The High Priestess with their respective 1st spark of The Magician in the Place of Creation, and then the giving form to creations in the making of The High Priestess. And though I remained fascinated with the deck and stayed my course with architecture and art, the connection didn’t stick. Or, so I thought. . .

Scroll forward several years to the summer of 2006 while I’m gardening, and I look up at my turn-of-the-century Victorian house (1906) and realize that I’ve been working on the cards here and there, reading text and history when I can, or simply come across it with a welcome freshness, and …RUSH inside and rinse the dirt off my grubby hands and open up the folder on my computer. . . and there I saw. . . just down the page!…The Empress carrying to full term! The Emperor overseeing! And, it came to mind that I was thick in the middle of the largest scale project I have ever undertaken, had been discovering its sacred burial ground as I amended the soil in my own garden. Imagine my bright, wide eyes when I eventually came to looking at the Judgment card having a Hanged Man moment!  Afloat in clarity with consequences as my only thought!

Though architecture provided a form-giving metaphor for the creation of the Mystereum Tarot. . . from which I lifted arche, techne, identity, place, and context. . . the architecture may or may not stop right there. . . as the warm-up is oftentimes not a member of the performance, but an informing feeling. Either way or neither, though, my path was re-experienced and re-built, built back in upon refreshingly. . . expanding and contracting. . .pulsing with new life re-invigorating a continually pulsing path through the scales of life, driven by life itself.

Tarot in the Land of Mystereum Card Back

The tarot cards are wonderful trail-markers as well as storytellers along the path. Sometimes there is the soliloquy of a single card as the context. Sometimes a card or cards speak with the chorus of the other cards to flesh out context. Most all tarot decks present a visual vitality that speaks to the mind – you can call it consciousness or anything else for that matter. . .but in this regard, never-mind the research in this area(s) in this regard though fitting and inspiring even…in this regard there is no proof or re-proof but life itself. In this regard we each have our own say. With vitality at a variety of scales, and incorporating the concept of all similar, each unique to the cards, to ourselves, a whole world is present and complete at each and every scale. . .

And there, at that point was a shell in my garden cracking open of its own accord underground, felt and yet unseen, the story of the creation and making of this deck sprouting, remembering origin and destiny as one and the same maybe. Or not. The roots of tarot and architecture will flower perennially in my garden, naturalizing over time.  A wonderfully complete deck becoming dog-eared from use, naturalizing in the garden of life!   I will move from there now to the fruits that began to come from my garden in the summer of 2006.

Enjoy the Mystereum Tarot as it has made its way to become Tarot in the Land of Mystereum in 2010.  Thanks for visiting!  Proud to now have Tarot in the Land of Mystereum at The Tarot Garden, on Amazon, and at bookstores everywhere! 

Jupiter’s Blessings!,

Jordan Hoggard



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